The Fork in the Road…

Spontaneity opens up my world for me.

I often have my best days when I am being spontaneous. I get out of bed with the intention of riding my bike and I find myself pulling weeds or planting flowers. Or I plan to ride my bike for 20 miles and end up at a garage sale talking to the owners for 30 minutes or so. On my rambling days, I just take off in my car and end up in small towns visiting their libraries and coffee shops. That freedom to act on sudden impulse keeps me smiling. And why not?

It’s the surprise book selection, random movie, new podcast, or perhaps different radio station that educates me in ways I never thought possible. Spontaneity opens up my world for me. It introduces me to creative authors, new sounds from eclectic musicians, and entertaining and though-provoking conversations.

Another place I love to visit is I enjoy finding new videos that take me all over the place. I watch videos that educate me about clean disruption (Keynote talk at Conference on World Affairs) and I listen to new voices in a witty environment.

When I need a dose of learning, I tune into youtube #Education. I can choose from primary, secondary, university and lifelong learning videos. I can choose videos about the sciences, humanities, math, history, business, arts, medicine, law and languages. It’s all a thing of beauty.

Clean Disruption – 

Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

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