The Fork in the Road…

I often have my best days when I am being spontaneous. I get out of bed with the intention of riding my bike and I find myself pulling weeds or planting flowers. Or I plan to ride my bike for 20 miles and end up at a garage sale talking to the owners for 30 minutes or so. On my rambling days, I just take off in my car and end up in small towns visiting their libraries and coffee shops. That freedom to act on sudden impulse keeps me smiling. And why not?

It’s the surprise book selection, random movie, new podcast, or perhaps different radio station that educates me in ways I never thought possible. Spontaneity opens up my world for me. It introduces me to creative authors, new sounds from eclectic musicians, and entertaining and though-provoking conversations.

Another place I love to visit is I enjoy finding new videos that take me all over the place. I watch videos that educate me about clean disruption (Keynote talk at Conference on World Affairs) and I listen to new voices in a witty environment.

When I need a dose of learning, I tune into youtube #Education. I can choose from primary, secondary, university and lifelong learning videos. I can choose videos about the sciences, humanities, math, history, business, arts, medicine, law and languages. It’s all a thing of beauty.

Clean Disruption – 

Breathe in the stars!

Summertime begs me to hop into my Toyota Sienna van and take a trip. I long to find a place where I can spend the night under the darkest sky and breathe in the stars. In the middle of June, during a camping adventure with my partners in crime & adventure – I most enjoyed my time when everyone was asleep and the sky was awake.

In the quiet, I felt my soul come to life during that in-between time when dreams are allowed to manifest . Without interruptions, conversations or technology pulling my thoughts away,  I gave in to the twinkle of the stars.

And it made me wonder… what happens when someone dies? Are they really gone forever? Or are their soul’s there for me to connect with? And …what is my purpose on this planet? Is there something I need to be doing and if so, what is it?

There was a time, years ago outside Taos, NM when I lay on a blanket under the stars and let the tears fall from my eyes. The night sky was so spectacular, the evening was so quiet, the shooting stars were abundant and for that brief moment in time … all was well. I was in the right place, at the right time with the right person. I had no idea then how many times I would relive that beautiful moment.

I am still making memories for those nights thirty years from now and I will remember kayaking on the water in the early morning hours, cold drinks with good friends, nonstop laughing and I will ask myself the same thing – What happens after we die? Will my soul connect with other souls? Did I serve my purpose in life? Should I have done more?

Tell me if you know – “what happens when …?”

When I get older … many years from now!

I’m retired and keeping busy in a million different way. But sometimes I get lonely and wonder how in the world I ended up here. I miss having that someone special in my life and yet, I love the freedom to pick up at a moment’s notice and go off on an spontaneous trip. I’ll be sure to tell you about some of my adventures as we go along. I have a fun one coming up.

So, what about you? You feeling at loose ends? Looking for guidance? Need a sense of purpose?

I know having a sense of purpose keeps loneliness at bay.  I always have the library to go to when I feel the walls closing in. I have 4 books on my table to read and I also have 2 books on my Hoopla app that I can listen to as I garden, clean or drive.

This is actually a great time for me to try something new. Last summer I took pickleball lessons and LOVE playing. It is social, aerobic and super fun! I also enjoy bowling and have special friends that I only see at the bowling alley. Next on my list I want to go to a music store and find a used instrument and take lessons. That will wake me up and get my brain cells firing again for sure!

Some days I wonder how other retired people fill their time. I want to peer into their windows and ask if I can join in. I want to connect to a community of retired people and unite. Does that make sense? I will sleep on it and decide in the morning.

In the meantime. I shall say adieu until we meet again.