It’s the learning that matters!

Day 25

I heard a new singer today and really enjoy her music. Her name is Regina Spektor. I found her on then downloaded her music for a month using Hoopla. Most of all I listened to her songs and videos on youtube. It was pretty, whimsical and engaging. I wanted to hear more and more.

Day 24

Have you ever watched Grace and Frankie on It’s a comedy about two women in their 70’s who are recently divorced. How and why that happens is where the comedy comes in. The serious part of the story involves the sadness of being divorced 70-year-old women. The issues they never expected to have to face – saying goodbye to their long-held identities, figuring out who they are without spouses, managing expenses, reentering the dating world, learning to trust and love again and so much more. I watch the show and laugh out loud, then take a deep breath and sigh.

The show is my reminder to keep learning, growing, making friends and reaching out. Everything is temporary. The bills that are a struggle to pay, the calories consumed by that amazing cheesecake, the books I read and loved, the books I started and hated and didn’t finish (life it too short to waste on a bad book, trust me) and all those opportunities I passed along with all those amazing adventures I accepted – Temporary.

The big blackboard in the sky doesn’t care if we say YES a hundred time and NO 879 times. It’s what we learn along the way. It could end tomorrow (if so, please return my library books) or not for decades down the road. Right?

Day 23

I live in a world where many people come into my life. I learn something from each and every one of them. I learn about their jobs, families, hobbies, fears, desires and hopes and dreams. Then they leave and others come into my world and I learn more. While I am learning, I am sharing. It’s a beautiful circle and I feel blessed to be part of it.

Day 22

I learned how to dole out simple joys. Like Grace and Frankie. A new season means that I can turn on the show and watch all 13 episodes on the same day. My preference is to spread out the joy. Pace myself. Once I get to the last episode it’s over. Take my time. Sort of like taking one present at a time at Christmas and making it an event. Then sitting back and watching the others open their gifts – giving them my time and attention. Once the gifts are unwrapped, it’s over. Know what I mean? Sort of?

Whoa, enough for one day! Hope yours was a good one. Now go forth and learn something new and wonderful today – then share it with me! HA!

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