Books, Presentations, & Windows 10 stuff

What else have I learned you ask?

Day 5 –  I learned that several people can read the same book and have such different opinions about it. The book in particular is The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood. Some readers felt so creeped out by it they put it aside with no desire to finish it. Others got past the creep factor and made it to the last page. Others, yes, I am one of those others – actually got into the book and enjoyed the way it unfolded. At first the story line was disturbing but by sticking with it, I was able to enjoy the ride.

I have often been the person who was totally turned off by books that my friends enjoyed. They loved the plot, they loved the characters – whereas I was visibly upset by the story or unhappy with the characters.

It’s amazing how the same words can affect people so differently. Perhaps it’s because of the qualities of each unique self and what they bring to the table. Perhaps it’s just an ‘in the moment’ kind of attitude.  There are some books that I’ve read years ago that can make me angry, sad or squirm when I think of them today. Others make me want to reread them and get that glow or rush or inspiration. And yet, when I read books now they often have a different flavor from when I last read them. I’ve grown and changed over time and my attitude about subject matter changes with me.

Day 6 –  I learned not to trust the Ms Windows 10 upgrade. It was a really bad idea. The keyboard stopped working. My tracking stopped working. Browser tabs froze or closed. There was no way to fix it so I went online to see if others had this issue as well. Oh my!

There were TONS of pages of people with the same issue. I figured out that I had to uninstall and return to Windows 8. Sigh …LEARN FROM ME, stay far away from Windows 10 if you can help it! Ugh!

Day 7 – I attended a Rotary assembly today and listened to the Keynote Nurse Kelly speaks at Rotary Assembly in Cheyenne, WYSpeaker, Miss Colorado Kelly Johnson. I learned that she altered the culture of the Miss America contest by using her nursing talent as her ‘talent.’ She created a monologue about a nurse/ patient conversation and shined the spotlight on her profession.  Afterwards when her ‘talent’ was mocked, nurses across the nation stood up with united voices and fired back. In my opinion, nurses are the force that get us well again, not doctors. See the interview on

My friend Cee is a nurse and she told me if I ever hear a nurse say these words, “… you know, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion” then you turn and RUN out the door as fast as possible. Those ‘code words’ are insider knowledge about the doctor. Nurses KNOW things they could never tell the public. However, they are also there to serve you. Heed their casual suggestion.

Well, it’s been a week – are we having fun yet? I know I am. See you again on Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Books, Presentations, & Windows 10 stuff

  1. Carole

    Marge, I have Windows 10 and have not had any problems. Loved the story of Miss Colorado – good for her! Nurses are the unsung heroes and we need to sing their praises!


  2. Great observation about book club. It is always amazing how one book can generate so many different opinions and yet another book there is no discussion. Talked with Terese Martin and she just bought a new computer with Windows 10 on it and it works great, she says it is when you update older computers that things go really wrong. Oh computers!


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