100 Days of Learning Begins!

Day 1 – I learned the value of coconut oil. I’ve heard all the good things it can do but I actually used in on my face and hair (hey, it was a snow day and I had LOTS of time to spend on me!) The coconut oil, once melted and rubbed into the ends of my hair and then left for 30 mapril 2016inutes or so was the
perfect thing for my dry hair. The warm oil I rubbed on my face felt so smooth and my skin felt so soft afterwards. The only drawback was getting the oil on my eye lashes.

I know some people who swallow teaspoons of coconut oil or brush their teeth with it. I haven’t tried that yet but if there’s another snow day, I’ll let you know!

Day 2 – I learned about the circle of fifths. I listened to Surprisingly Awesome podcast and the topic of Circle of Fifths was discussed. If you are into music, this is nothing new. If music is like a foreign language, like it is to me, the circle of fifths is a whole new concept. Check out this link to learn more:

Day 3 – I learned that I am a better person when I exercise. Whether it’s movement on a treadmill, lifting weights or walking – my body, mind, and soul feel stronger and healthier.

Day 4 – I learned that laughter is healthy and makes me feel connected. This image did the trick for me.­­­­­­­­­­­­


Surprisingly Awesome podcast

2 thoughts on “100 Days of Learning Begins!

  1. Great stuff … I, too, have heard so much good stuff about coconut oil, but never tried anything. This sounds promising.

    I saw the image, before I read the actual post, so I started out my day with a literal LOL 😂


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