2015: Out with the Old!

A new year with so many things to do, see, visit, create, smell, taste and experience!

One thing I will not be doing is joining in with some of my blogging friends and posting each day during 2016. I did that once and it was a great experience but I found that often I would write just to write – not because I had amazing words to share. Instead, I will be the cheerleader for these bloggers and read and comment and cheer them to the finish line.


In reading a blog post today written by Rebeka, I learned how to delete Followers. I have so many Followers who I do not know, who do not know me nor do they read my posts. Many are from Russia, Poland, Turkey and other places where I have no connection. So, if you are a WordPress blogger and want to get rid of the spambots and blogbots and other followers who are really not followers (I have 467 Followers!!!) go to this link wordpress.com/people and click on the tab that says Followers.

Good News** I am down to 150 followers now. Some are real people, some are not — for now I am happy with the result. Of those 150, perhaps there are 50 that actually read my blog? If so, stop by and say hello!

Now – if you really are real and I delete you by accident – leave a comment and Follow me again. It it was meant to be…

Let’s talk soon!

3 thoughts on “2015: Out with the Old!

  1. Yes, I think that was a good move on their [WordPress’] part — it wasn’t possible before, to remove followers.

    I’m only four days into the postaday, but so far so good. It feels better this time, since I’ve chosen a ‘theme’ for it — I will focus on the little things in life I’m thankful for. Usually, I post in the morning, and it’s such a good moment to sit and think, with my coffee …


  2. Hi MargeKatherine. Happy New Year! Posting every day only works for me if I so an image and short saying. Anything else on my blog doesn’t give all my followers a chance to check the blog.
    blessings ~ maxi


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