Day 26 – Movement, Fun & Games

A sunrise walk this morning before a day of volunteering. First I work with the public at the National Forest Service for 4 hours in the morning. Then I drive ten miles and volunteer in the afternoon at first grade with my grandson. After we get home, I get to ‘beat him up’ as he calls it. I call it playtime.

This is the scenario. He piles up pillows and blankets and then I have to try to swat him with a pillow before he jumps into the pile. Sometime I am quicker than he is with the pillow so that’s where the ‘beat him up’ part comes in. He’s like a puppy. And I’m like the old dog who just puts up with the puppy  – though you can probably guess I am as excited as he it to be doing such a simple thing and laughing the whole time.

Off I go. Have a glorious day and I hope you find some moments of unabashed joy as well!

3 thoughts on “Day 26 – Movement, Fun & Games

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