Day 18 – Finding that elusive something

Yesterday was one of those memorable days. Playing with my 7-year-old grandson in the leaves, throwing football, playing chase, losing in Dominoes, reviewing baby pictures … the stuff that turns a solitary day into memories. As the years tick by, our activities change. Our roles change too. When he and I play games we are equals. In the kitchen, he is the student – for now. Playing online games, he is the teacher.

Seven years soon turns into 17 and when that happen, what will be the glue that holds us together? I hope the glue includes respect, caring and love. I also hope this interaction is up-close and personal. That we live nearby each other and stay connected. That means everything to me.

My brother lives in Zürich and is surrounded by family. His 4 children and their spouses and 5 grandchildren always gather together on Sundays for family dinner. If I contact him on Skype, I often get to see the melee behind him. Food cooking on the stove, toddlers waddling by, preschoolers visiting to say hello to me – it’s joyful chaos. My brother is in his glory having everyone together.

That’s not the world I live in. The majority of my family lives many miles from me. Getting together is a big thing – we don’t gather during the holidays but for other occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, weddings and sometimes for funerals.

If I had my way, I’d live closer to family – which means I would want them near me (I don’t want to be the one that has to move!) or at least living within a day’s drive.

My alternative to having family nearby is to create a new family through friends. These are people who stay in touch, care about me and want to be with me. As I mentioned in another post, making new friends in a community where everyone else has history, job connections, family and friends nearby – is not an easy task.

My melancholy mood is certainly tied to the change in weather, amount of light, altered seasons and all those things I have no control over. It makes me want to DO something. Does that even make sense? If so, let me know because it confounds me. I’ll close for now and offer you all a warm hug and a cup of hot cocoa.

But I digress…

xo – Margekatherine


Family isn't always blood...











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