Day 12 – A Toast!

Hi There –Here’s something I want to share with you:

In 1929 on this very day my mom was born and she died 65 years later.
A toast to my mom for all the trials and tribulations she went through. All the lessons learns, all the goodwill she created and the legacy she left behind.  A big hug and many thanks mom!

Today was a blur for me. I did my exercise – at the gym. On the treadmill (boo, hiss, yuck) then in the weight room (yippee, bravo, score!) and then later in the day a walk with 2 friends. The walk was the best – the weather was mild, the sun was shining and conversation was ongoing.

Boulder FlatironsI did not take any photos today but my wonderful friend Deb sent me a photo she took from her walk. The view of the Boulder Flatirons is amazing and there’s not a cloud to be seen! A big hug and thanks to her for helping me add media, color and substance to this puny post.



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