Day 9: Buy Me A Pie

During a 5 mile walk yesterday with a friend I explained my forgetting issues (reread yesterday’s blog because I forgot what I wrote.) She laughed and told me about an app she has on her phone to help her remember her grocery items. It’s called Buy Me a Pie. Yup — “Buy Me A Pie.” I downloaded this app on my phone (which I always have with me in the store) and filled it with items I usually buy as a way to jog my memory when I am in the store. It has the look of a shopping list and once I purchase an item, I can cross it off and it goes to the bottom of the list until I add it the next time.

I downloaded the free app but you can also get one with no advertisements and other sweet features.   I’ll give it a try and see if it helps me remember that ONE (or more) item I wanted to purchase.

morning walk with debI suppose that’s the fun part of walking with someone – sharing things that I’ve learned, learning from someone else as a way to connect to something bigger than my tiny world.

Today I received a photo from my friend that she took during her morning walk. She said, “I pretended you were here …”

Enjoy the photo and feel free to send me photos of your walk, hike, bike ride or the place you go where you feel the most energy!

Hugs to you all!


Check out the Buy Me A Pie app . Let me know what you think!

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