Moisture and Movement: a good combo

Write 31 Days Challenge — Day 2

Write 31/Walk in Carson City

Some of my readers live in places where the air is full of moisture, clouds, grey skies and rain. I live in a climate that is sunny about 300 days per year. I can see miles and miles of blue sky. I can have a hot summer day but have a blanket on me during the cool summer nights. I love Colorado and enjoy the variation in weather.

I really enjoy rain. I’m from a city in upstate New York that enjoys 60 days of sun per year. The rest of the time, they get clouds, rain, snow, fog, clouds and more clouds. I miss the moisture in the air. So, when it’s a dreary or wet day, I want to be out in it.

On my walk in Carson City, I see mountains in 3 directions. It’s dreary and cloudy here (which I LOVE) and my walk consisted of paved roads and dirt roads, businesses and rural neighborhoods. This is a pretty place to visit and just 20 minutes away is Lake Tahoe and California.

I’m torn between going out for yet another walk or reading my book. And since I’m making a cup of tea, I’d better go and find that book!

Enjoy the photos!

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