Technology blues

Adios to my Dell Desktop Computer

My desktop PC has crashed and burned. The “blue screen” of death appeared with a sneer and took away my companion. I had many things backed up and those that were not, flash by in my mind’s eye when I am trying to locate something. “Oh yes,” I say out loud, “it was on my pc in the I AM AMAZING folder.

I am reduced to a slow-moving laptop that is giving me advance notice that it will soon be departing. So, I am backing up my laptop as well.

I have been spoiled to have a desktop and laptop and I used them regularly. I am sort of lost with only having one at my disposal and perhaps, none in the near future. It’s my connection via email, Skype, Oovoo, blogs, Chromecast, Dropbox and on and on.

Does anyone remember when nobody had a computer in their home.?

Do you remember your first computer? Wasn’t it remarkable? The fact that we could dial-up a phone number and connect via the telephone line was amazing. Now that is so outdated and slow.

Our devices have gotten smaller and faster and more mobile. We can connect on the move.

And then I think back to when the telephone in the kitchen was the only device that mattered. When the EXTRA long phone cord was created, I felt liberated! I could drag it to the other side of the room and whisper in privacy!

The first phone recorder machine I remember having was in the mid 1980’s. It was as large as a toaster oven and it gave us freedom to leave and not miss any important calls. And now, our phones and computers can fit in our pockets and can be answered EVERY minute of the day. Our phone is our camera, photo album, email, calculator, radio, jukebox, clock, notebook, game center, pedometer, weather channel, book, newspaper, GPS, classroom, compass, and calendar. In backyard chairessence, our phone has become a lifeline to almost everything we connect to or with.
So, back to the crash of my pc. Bummer. Sad. Boo Hoo.

Ok, so that means I HAVE to out and play. Work in my garden, smell my flowers, rake some leaves, take a walk, admire the scenery, breathe in lilac smells.  So – ok, maybe it’s not all bad, right?

Hope you’re enjoying every minute of this glorious day – Hugs to one and all.


Marge Katherine

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13 thoughts on “Technology blues

  1. Carole Anderson

    I’ve had nothing by a laptop for years and love it because I’m not required to sit at a desk; I can work on it anywhere! And now with an iPad, that’s even better! Enjoy!


  2. Don’t you remember the incredible prices of desktops too? I’ve been having tech issues with my two-year old Dell laptop, way too soon and why don’t I remember going through this much trouble when desktops were first on the scene. Best wishes in shopping for replacements.


  3. Sad about your computer crash (and potential crash), but it can’t be all bad if it gets you outdoors more. Your garden and new adventures with your camera might be a healthy lifestyle change. By the way, do you remember party lines? When I was young most of the people in our little town were on party lines. My how things have changed!


  4. Thanks for stopping by to comment!
    Thank goodness we didn’t have party lines in my neighborhood – it would have been a new form of entertainment for me and my siblings! I do remember the rotary phones though.


  5. Yes, the purchase of a computer was a HUGE expense and the item was treated with reverence. Then they got smaller and held more and more RAM and the prices dropped. Now they fit in a purse! And on a wrist! So cool. But, are they made to last? Or are they made to last only 2 years or so?
    Thanks for commenting!

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  6. I continue to have trouble with my account. EVERYTIME I attempt to open it, it asks me to change my password or to include a phone number or something. It takes 4 clicks to get to the email whereas gmail takes you there immediately.
    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. HI Carole, Thanks – I will enjoy and hopefully this laptop will hang with me for just another couple of years (several years????) Then on to something new and wonderful and cost-effective! Hugs!


  8. That’s too bad … particularly if you lose the laptop too! I don’t have a desktop anymore. I have a MacBook, iPad and iPhone. I got totally sucked in, to the Apple ecosystem.

    Boy, do I remember all those things well!!! My first computer was a hand-me-down from work … it had Windows 3.1 on it, if my memory serves me right. Then I installed Win95 on it, which came on twenty floppy disks. I’ll never forget the sound of the dial-up … Worst of all was that my carrier charged me per minute, so I had a constantly guilty conscience when I was online, and my phone bill was through the roof!


  9. Yes, the dial up was like a sick garbage disposal system or a tornado on a tin roof. And the cost of the phone bill was outrageous! And now, we can Skype for free and connect to anyone across the world.

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