A Time & A Place

There’s something special about morning hikes, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the smell in the air. The moisture is heavy and the ground, plants, rocks and surroundings have a chill to it.

Or maybe it’s the soft light that comes through. Not bold and in your face like a mid-day hike – I actually keep my face turned upwards to feel it’s warmth.

Maybe my mind is not as filled and is still open to new ideas, talking with people (real, imagined and dead) and angels, animals, birds and to myself (oview of dirt path and white clouds on morning walk in Coloradof course!)

It’s a different canvas and it just takes a bit of planning to get up and get out as a way to enjoy it.

Last week I was returning from a scenic hike and a woman was coming towards me talking … on her phone.  I heard her say, ” Just be sure to make the beds anMule deer grazing during morning walk in Coloradod I’ll stop at the store for groceries…”

Really? This couldn’t wait? What was worse, (in my humble opinion) was the volume of her conversation. Isn’t hiking something sacred and equal to being in a church? Or a library? Yes. Of course It Is! Talk if you must, but lower your voice and respect Mother Nature.

As this rude woman talked, the mule deer munched their breakfast, inching away from her and further up the hillside. I wonder if she even saw them.

As I am doing the spiritual thing – expressing gratitude and awe of the sky, colors, smells and nature – others are busy in their own world too. I try not to judge but this really is my place of worship and I want others to behave as if it is theirs as well. (No judgement, HA!)

Come with me and we can practice proper hiking etiquette together!

12 thoughts on “A Time & A Place

  1. Love this post Marge. Sadly the cell phone craze has gotten way out of hand. People were more considerate and courteous before cell phones. I remember thinking early on, way before I even considered getting a cell phone (for security when driving alone), that many people would use there’s while driving because it made them feel cool !!!! And some probably still feel that way. I suspect most people are so into the ME, and the NOW-THIS MOMENT, society we have become that the idea of courtesy and consideration for others has gone out the window. Also most people forgot how to “wait” until they get home or in the office. God forbid we have to wait to talk, text, or email with someone else!

    It drives me crazy when out in public, especially a store, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. and people are talking on their phones, and MUCH LOUDER THAN A WHISPER!!!!!!!!! Give it a rest.
    I like to go to a Barnes & Noble Cafe, or some coffee house to read and/or write. It is usually reasonable quiet. Even most people who are there with someone else having a conversation in a fairly quiet speaking voice. But then you have people are there with their laptops doing business and the next thing they are talking loudly on their phones with someone discussing business. Of course, you also have some people who will get on their phones having loud personal conversations…ugh! As if the rest of the world wants to hear even one half of the conversation!

    Ok, that is my soap box! 🙂 ha ha!


  2. HI Ann,
    The other thing about loud talking on cell phones is the speaker often doesn’t realize how loud he is. I remember I was in a public place next to someone who explained that all the money went to pay bail… Really?!

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments. Hope your day is the best ever!


  3. Exactly! It was as if she just want to check things off her list. Hike – CHECK. Call Lucy – CHECK. Too bad they were at the same time.
    I have to admit I’ve had calls when on a hike. I’ve either let them go to voice mail or gotten off the path, quietly answered the call and continued on my walk. The caller had to be pretty special to get me to answer it, though.

    Thanks so much for your comments, Marilyn!

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  4. It’s always a nice idea to leave the phone behind, however, the camera attached to the phone is what we most often use to take photos. Crazy that technology giveth (our camera) … and taketh (our silence)!

    Thanks for stopping by to comment!


  5. Glad you enjoyed your hike. Hiking is not my thing. I have to confess, I prefer to talk a lot too – And I like loud, hustle, bustle, activity and interaction with others. Next time, send that rude lady to me and we can chat under the stars until the early hours about the world, the planet or universe.


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