Creating a Top Ten Book List

I just received an email from a friend listing all her favorite books from 2014.

library booksI decided to make a list of my favorites as well. With a new year upon us, it’s time to read 52 books in 52 weeks again. I am usually pretty good about reading unless I come upon a book that bothers me then I walk away and stay away until the feeling passes. Then when I start to read it again, well, there’s that icky feeling. So either I plow through it or set it aside.

If it’s a book for my book club, I often plow through it so I can be part of the group discussion. The members of this group all have their certain likes and dislikes. They all know if it’s a sad or scary book then I won’t like it. I don’t like graphic stories (war, rape, carnage) and have never had success with sci-fi either. Some of my book club friends prefer psychological thrillers but hate romance, love biographies but detest chic lit and on and on.

deep bookshelfWhat amazes me is when I ADORE a book only to find out other members detested it. How can that be? And I was the only one in the group who HATED the book Gone Girl. They all loved it.

Alas, that’s how it is. Some books speak to one person and not others. I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and some others thought it was BORING. How can that be?

So, stay tuned so I can go over my list of books and decide which I loved the best.

If you have any books to suggest, put it in the comment box.

Now…back to creating my top ten list!

9 thoughts on “Creating a Top Ten Book List

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Marge Katherine … The message on a page touch us according to all we have received in our lifetime. May 2015 bring you sunshine and lollipops and more.
    blessings ~ maxi


  2. I love reading books like the one you mentioned. I like the way hope is offered, communities are formed and friendships are made. Thanks for the suggestion. I look forward to reading it!


  3. Maxi – Who could want more than sunshine and lollipops!? Thanks for the greeting and the virtual hugs. I hope the new year finds you stronger and filled with a feeling of awe with each new experience. Let me know if Colorado is on your flight path this year.


  4. Carole Anderson

    I’m with you on Gone Girl, too, and am pretty much the only one of my friends here who felt that way. Talk about “icky!” I chuckled at your 52 books in 52 weeks (easy for me) as another friend on Facebook recently posted that he had set a goal for 2014 of 12 books in 12 months and he had to cram the last 3 books in to be sure he reached his goal!


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