A winter’s day…

Cold and dark. That’s what’s going on here. Cold, snow, shorter days.

I’m missing the warm colorful autumn that disappeared 2 weeks ago. The trees were filled with yellows and browns and now with the snow – the color has gone.

November makes me feel vulnerable. I miss the warmth. I long for color. I want something to fill the void.

I’m doing things to keep active. I’m reading. I’m socializing. I’m reaching out. And still …

I wish I could stay what’s missing. Is it the sunlight? Is it the end of my favorite season? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because Christmas is already in the stores, on television, and in magazines and I’ve yet to say good-bye to autumn.

I wonder if it’s just me.

My antidote is to keep active. To accept invitations. To create events.

Is it just me?cropped-unc2.jpg

12 thoughts on “A winter’s day…

  1. Winter is my least favourite time. Part of it is the loss of daylight hours, the crazy consumerism of Christmas and the damn cold. I am determined, decided, this is my last winter in this part of the world and I am committing to finding beauty in it. Moments of beauty to grace the day while I struggle with the loss of light.


  2. No it is not just you. However, living here in SC we still have color and mostly sunny days even though cold. I believe all over the US the winter is coming sooner this year, which saddens me because I love Autumn the best. I am not happy at all that greed continues to get worse in our society, especially shoving the retail/consumer side of Christmas down our throats. But then it is we the consumers who encourage it by going out in droves and starting to buy stuff for Christmas as soon as it is on the shelves…even when we can’t afford it. AND, opening stores on Thanksgiving Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, gotta stop my rant before I raise my blood pressure 🙂

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  3. It’s crazy how the cold and dark made this ‘happy-go-lucky’ woman into a depressed and dreary one! The sun is out again, the temps are rising and mid-week we’ll be in the high 40’s. Those elements offer me hope!


  4. I know the cold air and shorter days are temporary, but they sure feel like they’ve moved in for good! And now with the sun shining again, I don’t feel so hopeless. Thanksgiving will soon be here and a time for being with friends and family – another sure antidote to the dark days!


  5. It does feel so much better when the sky is blue and sunshine is present. I know I Ned to move away from here. Last year, in France with no winter I felt so different than I do now back here in the cold and dark


  6. November has long been known as the most depressing month of the year. I will never forget as a young girl reading the opening lines of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women: November is the most disagreeable month of the year, said Jo. I guess that’s why I was born in it.
    And since I was in fact born in it, I always identified very strongly with Jo. November is what it is, always will be (as long as we’re living in the Northern Hemisphere) and we’re stuck with it, so how about lighting a candle, putting on some music, and wallowing?


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