U.S. Mail delivered but …

This week I received an envelope in the mail addressed to me.lovely mailbox

It had no return address.

The stamp was ripped off.

The postmark was ripped off with the stamp.

There was nothing inside.

I have a lovely envelope with my name and address on it an nothing inside. I pinned it to my bulletin board.

If you sent it – tell me what I am missing.

It is an “I’m thinking of you card!”

Is it a ticket to travel to a warm destination?

Did you invite me to a party?

Was it a thank you card?

Wait — was there money inside?

So – feel free to OWN up to sending me the card. Tell me what wondrous thing was inside. Make me drool, tease me, make me cry that I didn’t get it. A winning lottery ticket you say? A recipe? A photo of that ‘very special person’ who I always wanted to meet? Your manuscript? Get creative and make me smile so I won’t have to wonder any more.

I await your input!

7 thoughts on “U.S. Mail delivered but …

  1. Hope you discover the sender. Maybe you could post a photograph with something on top to cover your address (altered in photoshop?) The sender may recognise it. How sad. Presumably it came from afar…. 😦

    (Sorry, it wasn’t me)


  2. Strange that the post office would bother to even deliver a damaged and empty envelope. Sometimes US post office will put a damaged piece of mail in a clear bag sealed with a sticker saying something like “sorry your mail was damaged.” Very strange indeed.


  3. And if the card were from you – what might you be wanting to give me, invite me to, thank me for?
    If I had sent a card to you (maybe I did and it never arrived!) it would pat you on the back for the huge move you made, the struggles you encountered and the lessons you learned.

    Thanks for writing!


  4. Oh I understand now what this is 🙂 If it were a card from me to you, it would say “Thank you for being you, and sharing yourself here with all of us.”
    Thanks MargeKatherine for your pat on the back. There are still some struggles in my life, but I have so many blessings to be grateful for, and I am.


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