Words Matter

Step 1: Say the words…

What is it you secretly desire? What have you never told anyone before? What is your heartfelt dream that you keep locked away?

Your words matter so speak them. Words become matter.

Announce what you want.

Say it in the shower. Say it in the car. Say it on your walk.

Be bold. Get descriptive. Be outrageous. Add color. Add humor.

IMG_3570I did this on my walk Sunday evening. I came up with my list of things I want. I reached for descriptive words. I added laughter. I got creative. I wished for things I have no right wishing for…

I added details, music, conversation and color.

I included some travel destinations in my requests.

I focused and became clear and asked a bit more.

hollyhock3While I was walking, wishing and wondering (this is all part of Step 1), I was also plucking seeds. The cosmos, daisies, dahlias and hollyhocks are bursting right now so I filled my hand, shoved them in my pocket and kept moving.

By the time I reached home I had a pocketful of seeds but the one important thing in my pocket was missing – my glasses. Not to worry – as long as I acted quickly my short-term memory was sure to remember my walking route. On my bike (like a super hero) I leapt and retraced my walk. The sun was setting at 5:05pm (drats the time change!) and I knew they would be hard to locate.  Alas, no glasses. My plan was to find my backup glasses and in the morning take that walk again.

Locating my backup glasses was a chore and in the process I cleaned out 4 drawers and lugged in the paper shredder from the garage and shredded tons of items I had collected and needed to discard. Need I say, NONE of this action was in my recently created To Do list. And yet, the outcome was a tidy workspace.

So, as I write this post wearing old and scratched-up glasses I continue to create an action plan. It’s obvious to me now that on that list is to make an appointment for new glasses.

Infuse your life with action.
Don’t wait for it to happen.

Step 2: Take Action

More to come. For now — It’s time to move.

2 thoughts on “Words Matter

  1. Bummer about those glasses. I like the concept you shared though, looking forward to reading along. Action seems to be a theme in my life right now…popping up on all fronts.
    I have managed to make that stair climbing challenge everyday this week and have gotten out for a walk once so not doing so bad in my own actionable list.


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