Planning ahead for shorter days

As the days grow shorter I often spend less time walking and exercising when I should be doing more. Walking makes me feel alive and refreshed. When I walk less because of the darkness or colder weather, I end up feeling bad and staying inside. The less I do, the harder it is to get motivated to do anything. And the downside to being in the house is the refrigerator beckons me to look within. “Come to me,” it whispers. “I will share my bounty with you – again and again and again.”

When I’m not home I don’t eat and I’m not tempted.

So, some new ideas for the November blog are exercise, health, and movement topics. Writing will be a good way to keep me moving, keep me learning and keep me blogging. Maybe along the way I’ll also motivate you to do something more or different.

Unlike October, I won’t be writing every day but I will write 3x weekly. That will be a bit easier for me and WAY easier for you. I know it must be tedious to see yet ANOTHER email telling you that has published a post. I can read your mind – “again, really?”

Alas, October is coming to a close along with my mental health topics on choosing sanity. Have any of these topics made a difference or resonate with you? I welcome comments.

And so, I have 2 more days in the month to share my words of sanity, wisdom and introspection with you. Stay with me, it’s almost over – I promise!

7 thoughts on “Planning ahead for shorter days

  1. First off, that photo is fabulous!!!
    Many people are probably looking forward to your posts!
    I’ve had all the good reasons to think hard about mental health issues, as a good friend, back home, made a serious suicide attempt. She’s trying to recover now, but it’s hard.


  2. Rebekah, so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she is in good hands and able to get the help she needs. I love this photo too. It was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park in early autumn. Thanks for checking in!

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  4. Shauna Lloyd

    I have VERY MUCH enjoyed your sanity blogs!!! MANY of them have hit home for me! I’m very excited about the political insanity to be FINISHED!!

    Please, Miss Marge, help motivate me to GET MOVING (instead of getting yet heavier) …. a magic blog perhaps?? lol

    I would love to come to Ft. Collins and see your digs, walk around your neighborhood (loved the pix of the kids playing in the leaves) .



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