Political Insanity

What drives me insane these days? Political ads.

Want to know why? It’s an election year and we, the voters, don’t really matter. Our politicians who are spending millions upon millions of dollars talking about issues that don’t matter to the public. They are not talking about initiatives, changes or direction they will take if they are elected. All they do is point the finger at the other person and say “Bad Guy.”

So, I shut it off. Or mute the sound. And walk away.

It’s how I save my sanity.

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4 thoughts on “Political Insanity

  1. I REMEMBER those ads so well, and I too hated them.
    But here in Ireland, they have a lovely system. A politician can only advertise for 3 weeks prior any election. That means, anyone running can only put up posters or billboards for three weeks prior to an election. And they have three weeks to tell us why they’re running, what they want to achieve and how they’re going to do it.
    And EVERY poster and billboard has to be down the DAY AFTER ELECTION!


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  3. We are so on the same page, MargeKatherine. It is also an irritation to visit a non-political blog and find a rant against a particular party. Especially if you’re the opposite.

    This happened not long ago and I no longer visit that blog. Don’t need the insults.
    blessings ~ maxi


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