Sleep Away

One of my favorite times of day is when I ‘get’ to go to bed.

One of the ways I keep sane is sleeping an average of eight hours each night. I love bedtime and the ability to crawl into a warm bed in a cold room. I love the way the blankets embrace me with the knowledge we will be together for a good 8 hours. I look forward to that downtime and I feel good in the morning after a night of slumber.

However, on those days when I don’t get a solid 8 hours due to travel, illness, worry, late night partying (who knew I was such a party animal?) or other events it takes its toll on me. My energy is low, my mood is sour and I forget things.

3 children sleeping
Nap time for everyone!

If that happens for more than one night, I get headaches and my body feels droopy and I feel sad. And I have a “woe is me” sort of attitude about everything.  Feeling like that and having to go to work was always a nightmare. I had to pretend I was sane, remember my assignments and function normally. Good luck with that.

Getting back on track might take a few nights but once there – in the cold, dark room, in a warm bed, I do what it takes to get back to those precious eight hours of sleep.


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3 thoughts on “Sleep Away

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  3. I am the opposite. As I suffer with insomnia, I find if I try to get more than 6 hours sleep, I often am worse. I have bad nightmares and don’t get the deep sleep I need. I normally function better on less sleep. However, I have a bug at the moment so need to sleep more. I went to sleep just after 5.30pm last night and felt better for sleeping a lot.


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