Setting sanity aside… to play

Autumn is here.  And it’s time to play. We LIVED to play as children. In school, recess was the highlight of the day, wasn’t it?  The freedom to run wild and leave the constraints of the classroom behind – if only for 20 minutes a day, meant everything.

The thing is, when we do make time for play, we often express words of appreciation or gratitude.  During a recent hike, I remarked to my friend how wonderful it was to be sitting on a ledge overlooking the city. Chihuly orange
After going to the Chihuly Glass art exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens last month I was glowing with gratitude to have been one of the attendees.  I consider learning a form of play and am often at the library or eager to continue with life long learning.

Some of my friends play in their gardens, wood shops or kitchen.  Others play card games, board games, ball games or maybe guessing games. Some of the best memories I have include family and friends playing charades. It’s a way to let the kid out and bring laughter back.

Where do you find the joy? With your pet, playing the guitar, taking photos, painting a mural, writing a blog? If it’s something where you are able to totally focus and the time flies by – then you’ve found it!

chihuly treeI have a 3-year old friend next door who often comes to my house to play. Whether it’s Candyland, Chutes and Ladders or just reading together, there is so much joy bubbling from her that it makes me silly. Find the playful people around you and spend some time with them.

I dare you to let your inner child out to play! Do you feel less stressed? Do you have more energy? Do you laugh a bit more?  Do you see the world with new eyes after a play session?

reading in the libraryYou can suspend sanity while playing. It’s your “free zone” where all the adult things that matter can be put on hold while you kick a soccer ball, play tic-tac-toe, sketch a portrait, skip stones on a lake or play with your pet.

You don’t have to play… but when you do, it’s going to show. Just try it, you’ll like it.

Once you do – let me know how wonderful (giddy, silly, relaxed, energized …)  it made you feel.

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