Letting Dreams Go

Rustic Rocky Mountain Log Cabin - Can't you just smell the wood fire burning?
Rustic Rocky Mountain Log Cabin – Can’t you just smell the wood fire burning?

I always dreamed about having a mountain home. It won’t happen. I can rent one for a week and enjoy the crisp early morning air, take long walks, make campfires and fly fish to my heart’s content – – but not in my mountain home. And that’s ok. Not only is it ok, it takes a huge weight off my shoulders. If I did own the home, it would be alll the other stuff too — the mortgage payments, concern about forest fires, insurance, fees, winter preparation, utility payments, and on and on.

I feel ok with letting it go. I’ve released many hopes and dreams over my lifetime and replaced them with new ones.

Currently, I am sitting in a yard surrounded by all shades of green. I have privacy, can see the sky and totally enjoy my new environment. My plan began with emptying out my clutter, recycling items, and preparing to leave one home and move into another. Step by step, I released belongings, painted, dusted, and prepared for my departure. I was so ready to move I could taste it. Once here, it took several months to paint, brighten, update, renovate, and recreate my home. I let go of the mountain home and now embrace my city home.

Growing up, I didn’t have a list of goals and achievements I wanted to accomplish. I just went with the flow and found my way after I landed. I learned to be a wife, figured out how to be a mom, worked at various jobs, returned to school, found more jobs and lived in a piecemeal world. I never saw the big picture and how I would make my way through it. I just did it, maybe by instinct or happenstance or just plain luck.

Oh, yeah, about that luck… no such thing for me. My luck came in the form of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers. My luck is a give and take — a phone call, a hug, a card, fresh picked flowers, a dinner here and there — I am not just the receiver of this luck. I give it and I receive it.  My luck is a community event.

Why am I going on and on? (That really is not rhetorical, I forgot…)

marge and sophie
Making new friends along the way!

Oh yeah – dreams. We all know people who are living their dreams. There is a sense of contentment around them. My new dream is not a dream at all. It’s a reality that is in the process of unfolding. It includes living in a city, making new friends, becoming connected and finding a support system. Like the physical move, my plan takes many steps. Getting visible, attending functions, volunteering, making conversation, offering help, asking questions and putting myself ‘out there.’

Can you see my smile?

12 thoughts on “Letting Dreams Go

  1. Your move sounds like mine since I finally moved to Greenville SC, the place I finally found feels like home. I have been spending this first year attending various events, meeting a lot of new people, learning more about Greenville and the people, the community; and volunteering, becoming part of the community. It is wonderful.

    Wishing you much happiness, peace and joy in your new home, new city.


  2. Thanks Ann. It was a good move and I am happy here. I had to let something go which was just fine. Now, if I meet friends with a mountain home… well, then, wouldn’t that be lovely?!


  3. So glad you are happy where you are now. Yes it would be wonderful for you to meet new friends who have a mountain home 🙂 You just never know. Just when we least expect it God surprises us with amazing blessings.


  4. Love your post, MargeKatherine. How wonderful that everything has turned out so well. You will settle in, meet new people, make friends. Life is good. May each day find you more comfortable in your new surroundings.
    blessings ~ maxi


  5. Thanks so much for sharing these links with me. Your blog about Letting Go is totally aligned with my thoughts too. And on we go – to new adventures, friendships, relationships, and so much more!


  6. Thanks Maxi for your words and encouragement. I think the first thing is letting go of control, allowing new experiences (that were never on my horizon) and staying open when they arrive. Hugs!


  7. I am now just learning to do this. How great that you have achieved this move already. I still have so much clutter yet to go.

    Haven’t forgotten the photo mess 🙂

    You were so helpful. Right now in MA perhaps I will find a place here!


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