It’s been my understanding that summer has a way of taking over my life. Whether I am busy hiking, walking, working, making new friends, visiting neighbors, working on my lawn, reading, writing, riding my bike or just watching the clouds go by – I find that sometimes I lift my head and days have flown by. It’s past the middle of July and I’ve yet to catch my breath!

amazing weather for flowersThe weather has been most wonderful – lots of afternoon rain and therefore humidity in the air which feels refreshing, not stifling and heavy.  Last night, rain woke me up two different times and then this morning the air was damp, chilly and inviting. As a kid, I remember going to the local beach and getting there first thing in the morning – in time to make bacon and eggs over the grill. That damp, wet feeling mixed with the smell of food over an open fire was  in the front of my memories when I stepped into my backyard today.

I’ve read a bunch of books and have hardly watched any television. There’s just no time. And as you can attest, I’ve had little ‘sit in the chair time’ when I normally blog.

red flower1I did most of my traveling in May and June which allows me to enjoy the summer like never before. Summer has a way of forcing me to get on trails and hike, to take photos, to care for my garden, to get my priorities in order.

And, did I mention the shades of green? Dark evergreen, bright green aspen leaves, deep green lilac leaves, healthy green lawn. For now – Green is my favorite color!

I’m enjoying summer this year more than ever before. It took me awhile to accept that spring was over and summer was indeed here and now I am loving it. I am requesting more rain, afternoon clouds, just a bit of heat (here and there), lots of sunshine (duh, it is COLORADO!) and the piece of mind to enjoy it all. (My spell checker wants me to write ‘peace of mind’ and maybe I should!)

Until the next time – Enjoy!


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