Good Penmanship: An Art Exhibit in Fort Collins

Image“Good Penmanship”. A show by Fort Collins artist Elizabeth Morisette celebrating the cursive alphabet. showing Friday through Saturday at the Community Creative Center, 200 Matthews street! Artist Reception Friday April 4, 6-9.

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Good Penmanship Art Exhibit 2014

And so, the following images are cursive wrapped in fabric…colorful, cool, creative!


This is how I learned to write. Big, Bold, Clear handwriting. The nuns expected it. My sons were not taught cursive and thus most of their correspondance is printed.

ImageM is for Margekatherine!



Good Penmanship by Elizabeth Morisette: Fort Collins Art Exhibit (2014)
Good Penmanship by Elizabeth Morisette: Fort Collins Art Exhibit (2014)

Penmanship in colorful fabric!

On display at Carnagie Library, Fort Collins.


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12 thoughts on “Good Penmanship: An Art Exhibit in Fort Collins

  1. always loved handwriting class when I was growing up…A form of ART to me…Now, my Grandkids don’t have to do it…and print when they “write”…I have now gotten messier with my Handwriting…half printing…half cursive…so hate losing all of the skills we use to have to know!


  2. Hi Elizabeth, What a treat for you to visit my blog! Your exhibit was so colorful, creative and constructive. It took me back to my early years of learning the Palmer method of writing. So letters never flowed but most were smooth and graceful.

    Again, thanks for your visit, comment and your art display! — MargeKatherine


  3. Marge,
    This is so important and becoming such a lost art in the world of technology. Two of my three boys can’t write cursive and I know how sad that is but that is because of the new generation. I am glad I am part of the generation I was born in. I appreciate it.
    Just a couple months ago I read this article and I was in awe, it fits perfectly here.

    “Calligraphy is very personal, and there are certain principles that I employ, but I think differently when I write by hand,” said Sig, now a professor emeritus from the School of Architecture at Syracuse University. For 20 years, he has kept a daily journal, and every entry is done with a pencil.

    People just don’t do this anymore. I still try to write something daily..just to keep it alive.


  4. Thanks for the link, I read the wonderful story and enjoyed looking at the writing style. It’s truly an art when one can turn words into musical looking script. I remember my dad telling me to ‘just write slower’ in order to keep my writing neat. Fun memory, huh?


  5. Oh such pretty writing! I’m always trying to change my writing style because I’m just not satisfied with it! LOL.
    I write with a mixture of cursive and non cursive but we were taught how to write cursive in primary school…it was like the mark of being a “big girl” 😉


  6. We Big Girls are fading away as the next generation does more printing and texting than ever!

    I remember my father telling me to ‘slow down’ my writing if I wanted to make it look better. I still hear those words when I look at messy scrawl. And of course, when I do — it flows.


  7. Interestingly, when children who have not yet learned to write pick up a pen and say they are writing when they make marks on a page, they do not lift the pen from the page. They are showing an innate understanding of the fluidity of cursive script. People with dyslexia often spell more accurately if they are taught to use cursive script as their hands learn the shapes of the words, and not simply the individual letters.


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