A beautiful day in my neighborhood!

It’s amazing weather here on this lovely evening in Northern Colorado.

The birds are singing, the children next door are playing, geese are flying south and the sun is shining. My head cold is gone and my body is happy to be in motion again.

hotThe yard is raked, the bike ride is over and now with the daylight savings time in effect it is light and bright and warm outside.

How warm? Currently at 5:48 pm on this gorgeous Sunday March 9 evening it is 72 degrees!

Spring has sprung and it’s evident by the amount of people on their bikes, in their yards, on the trails and just outside. It’s a thing of beauty.

And this lovely weather will be here with us until Tuesday. Then more snow.

For now –true bliss!

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7 thoughts on “A beautiful day in my neighborhood!

  1. We had similar temperatures here yesterday, and now again today. Everyone seems awake and alive after the sleep of winter. there are daffodils everywhere and trees blooming. Hyacinths and even roses are coming to life. I just love it.


  2. Ditto — lovely weather here in Ohio today, and the cold that had been bothering me for a week finally went away. It feels so good to open the windows and let in some fresh air!


  3. Thank you so much for putting up the link to my blog on your post. That means so much. I love that it is getting warmer, down here in Texas we were wearing shorts yesterday!


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