Things …

Consistency: doing something on a regular basis.

Walking: Something I do everyday.marge-anne cold walking day Where I record my walks. (If you know of a better one, please share and I’ll check it out!)

Goals: Walking 3.5 miles per day.

Difficulty: walking outside in Upstate NY.

Alternative: Mall walking.

Best Alternative: Return home to Colorado and enjoy 50 degree weather.

Walking goal: 4 miles per day to make up for shorter walking days (due to trip to upstate NY).

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Author: MargeKatherine

Retired and loving life but also wanting a bit more. More friends, adventures, colors, hikes, shooting stars, campfires ... and ready to share it all with you.

15 thoughts on “Things …”

  1. It really is hard to keep fit in the winter time and I’ve discovered it takes committment and a challenge. I’ve put out a challenge for myself and am hoping to achieve it. 25 miles per week – doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?


  2. Considering the weather sister, I think we did a good job (even if we truly don’t know how many miles we put in.) It was fun having you here and walking w/you. ❤


  3. Either we were bold or plain stupid to attempt to walk the Onondaga Lake Parkway path with such cold weather and high winds. Crazy us — and wonderful to have an alternative! Yippee for us!


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