A job hunting I will go…

Job Hunt

Did I tell you I was job hunting? Did I mention how much fun it is?

No? Well, that’s because it isn’t. When I admitted to a friend that I was struggling with this she told me a new Panera Bakery is opening down the street from her. I think that was her idea of a pep talk.

Network Support

There are networks to join that offer support, suggestions, interviewing tips, ways to stay focused, and networking ideas. NoCoNet in Fort Collins meets weekly and has amazing speakers, members and support.

There are websites that give examples of cover letters, resumes and follow-up thank you notes. Or you can just search for ‘cover letter’ and see if someone’s actual cover letter pops up.

There are sites that help you with the interview process and give some behavioral interview questions to review before the meeting. Questions such as “Tell me about a time you worked with a difficult co-worker or client and how you resolved your issues” or “Tell me about a time you had to take initiative and the outcome. “ These questions are great if you’ve prepared for them but if not, you can sit there and sift through all your jobs, decide on which was the best example, then try to structure your answer and … well, by this time the next interviewee is at the door ready to come in and take your seat.

LinkedIn/ Online Job Search

There is LinkedIn.com to post your career, education, background and experiences but remember to align them to your resume.  Any potential employer will go to your LinkedIn profile before you even sit in the chair – count on that fact.

Job search sites such as Indeed.com, HigherEdJobs.com, and SimplyJobs.com will dangle some tidbits out there for the whole world to apply. By the time anyone can get down to my resume they are cranky, critical and burned out.  They are mad that they had to review over 200 applications only to find out that the one they are looking for (mine) is missing one measly item and they decide to TOSS it into the pail with the others.

Wait a second! Don’t they want to know that I am a people person with amazing communication skills? I can tell them about a time when I took initiative and the outcome of it. I can show my training techniques, writing samples and graphic skills.

In this day and age of electronic applications and submissions it’s almost impossible to get across the desk from you. But… we can change that, right?

10 thoughts on “A job hunting I will go…

  1. Job hunting is painful. All the years I helped folks with resumes and interview skills, I used to tell them that whether you area clerk or a PhD, everyone experiences the same nerves, the same worries and has moments of wondering if they are good for anything. As the kids say, job hunting really sucks!
    For some reason, this is the first post that has shown up in my email or reader for ages from you.

    And now…………I have faith that you will find the job that is meant for you and that all will be well.


  2. Carole Anderson

    I have a book for you, Marge: Never Apply for a Job Again! (Break the rules, cut the line, beat the rest) by Darrel W. Gurney. Good luck!


  3. Hello friend, It’s been forever and a day it seems since we have crossed paths. I am not sure why but for some reason my reader had kicked you to un-follow with about 2 dozen others.
    I wish the very best in your job search, like Joss & the kids say; :It sucks!” I add it sucks lemons.
    So good to see your smiling face again.


  4. HI Joss,
    Thanks for writing and sharing your words of wisdom — and yes we all feel the same raw emotions of highs, lows and maybes…

    I took time off from blogging, made some huge changes, traveled a bit and am back. It’s wonderful to see you again and I will be open for that job that’s coming my way! Hugs – xo


  5. So, I need to collect those lemons and make some pie? And invite all my wonderful friends like you over to enjoy it? Let me know when you’ll be in the Colorado area and we’ll do lunch – or dinner – or hike – or just chat. Wouldn’t that be a blast?

    Thanks for posting!


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