Six months & so many changes!

It’s been forever since I last posted.

There have been so many changes in my life – exciting, scary and definitely out of my comfort zone.Photo of golden foothills against a dark blue cloud in the early morning on a walk in Colorado

You may remember that last year I put out a challenge to myself and to others to step out of your comfort zone as a way to grow.

Then I proceeded to put some plans in action and move forward. It was WAY out of my comfort zone and looking back at it now – it fell into place almost exactly as I had planned.

I last wrote on May 1. I stopped writing because I didn’t know what to say.

I stopped writing and started traveling.

I stopped writing and started packing.

I stopped writing and started painting.

I stopped writing and allowed my shoulders to drop.

I stopped writing and lifted my head to see something amazing … a new view.

I turned it all off and unplugged. NO blogs, no online news, no consulting, no freelancing. I had to give myself time away.  It felt good.

And then – it happened. I wanted to begin writing again

Things are still falling into place – little by little. I am outside everyday either walking or riding my bike. I am glad I made the move – scary as it was.

I was so in love with my other house – with the high ceilings and afternoon sunshine and warm heat. Here I am in love with the colors, space, variety of trees, accessibility to people, places and things.

And I am so grateful for those that urged me forward when I wanted to step back and helped me and continued to show up. Those are the real friends, aren’t they?

I hope we can connect again. I have been remiss in keeping up with you and your world – but I will try to stay current.  It’s good to be back!

8 thoughts on “Six months & so many changes!

  1. Welcome back, dear friend. How lovely you’ve had this time to stretch and allow change to have her way with you. Looking forward to learning more about where you’ve been and all that NOW holds for you. Much love. Xo


  2. So happy for you MargeKatherine. I am in similar process now. Have a contract on the house with closing early November. Although I am realistic enough to know that there can be stumbles in the process I am moving forward with clearing out, cleaning up, and all the organization process for moving. I trust in God to guide and see me through it all.

    As much as this is what I have been wanting for several years now, it is a little scary. But I know I am going where I am happy to the place and people which have embraced me, and encouraged me to get there.

    Sometimes we get stuck where we are just because it feels safer than making the leap. Yet the path into the next part of our journey can be very exciting. I eagerly await God’s best and His occasional surprises 🙂

    I look forward to hearing more of your journey.


  3. I think all the boldness comes BEFORE the act. We decide we want to do something different and the Universe holds it out to us like a challenge, saying “Here it is, now what are you going to do?”

    Best wishes for both of us Ann!


  4. So true. It is only when that “knowing” whisper comes that we move forward and everything begins to fall in place, including any and all help we may need in the process.

    It is an exciting new venture to begin a new journey 🙂


  5. Go MargeKatherine. Courageous and brave, that’s what it takes to step out of your comfort zone.

    Thank you for the follow, I now follow you.
    blessings ~ maxi


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