Teaching MS Word keeps me humble

marge- poster
Photoshop photo of Marge Katherine after she applied the ‘Poster’ filter.

Today I sat at my computer with my student and showed him some of the simple things to do in MS Word. I showed him how to use the shift key to make capital letters, asterisks,  dollar signs and exclamation marks.

I showed him how to find fonts, change font size and color.

I showed him how to insert clip art and how to resize them.

I showed him how to put frames around the images and make them different shapes.

I showed him how to use Ctrl + Z to undo his mistakes. I showed him how to use Ctrl + N to begin a new document.

I felt humbled when he told me I had talent. He is 4 years old.






15 thoughts on “Teaching MS Word keeps me humble

  1. Anne

    Now that you have shown him, it will be something he doesn’t forget. Not just the computer lesson but the time spent together. But he is right, you have many talents. Sending love to our Sister Sue also. Miss you both.


  2. Laura

    That cracked me up. I thought hmm, maybe Marge can help me with my MS skills; I could use some pointers. Now I think perhaps your grandson can help me!! Too funny.


  3. Anonymous

    You do have talent. If you can teach someone all of those things from scratch, then that is amazing. I think some of us often use computers so much that it becomes second nature to us and to teach someone else can be very difficult. Well done you. Be proud of yourself.


  4. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve come to understand that the things I do so easily and naturally are in fact – my talents. I need to stop thinking it’s no big deal and ‘anyone can do this’ and instead find a way to make it work (as in $) for me.

    Thanks again.


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