Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Happily ... after retirement

Growing up in my house, Easter was always a time to celebrate.

Ash Wednesday, Lent, First Fridays, Stations of the Cross, Good Friday, Holy SaturThree cute bunniesday and Easter Sunday.

Easter was about Jesus and the Easter Bunny.

It was about getting a new dress, shoes and a darling hat, finding our baskets, attending an extremely long mass and eating and a huge meal.

Easter was about family, a ham dinner and strawberry shortcake. It was gigantic for us kids and then… poof, it was gone.

As a parent, many of those same traditions were handed down to my children except we, as a family, went out to eat for Easter dinner. It never made sense to me to make a ham dinner for just the  4 of us. In my mind, Easter dinner was for 20 or more, not 4. And so, we began a new tradition, in the land…

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Goodbye Winter: Hello Drought!

Alas, I think the snow is over. Sad to see it go because Colorado is so desperate for the moisture. The winter snows fill up our mountain lakes which feed our crops, water our lawns and quench our thirst. Rain would be a blessing too —

Send me some songs (maybe Youtube songs?) to play so I can dance, dance, dance and invite the rain to visit us!

Here’s a fun rain song — I hope it brings some raindrops to my roof. If so, I’ll be sure to stand outside and let it soak me to the skin!

flower basket in snow1
Flower basket in March in Colorado!