Not a Good Week: Suspended and Hacked


Last week I went into my Inside Out Café and found – to my dismay – that WordPress had shut it down. They said that I was violating terms of their agreement and then sent me a link to all the things I agreed to do or to avoid doing.

suspended blog 1

The thing is – I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t link to affiliates; I didn’t insert unacceptable images; I didn’t advertise, I didn’t use mature content. Get the picture?

I knew I was in the right so I emailed them (several times) so they would reinstate my blog. Finally, it was back.

While this was going on, my yahoo account was hacked and anyone I ever sent an email to received a bogus link from it. This wasn’t just any account – oh no – this was the one I use to send my job applications and resumes from! So the people I want to impress the most all received emails from my hacked account.wordpress terms of agreement

I changed my passwords (from all my accounts) and found that once again this account had been hacked. I went on the defensive and deleted almost all my contacts and most of my emails. I also went to my other yahoo accounts and removed any receipts, account updates or travel arrangements. If my account were a closet it would only have my winter clothes hanging nice and neatly for all to see. All the other items are removed, stored, donated or trashed.

Were the WordPress suspension and the yahoo hacking related? They made me realize how vulnerable my online status is.

My next step will be to make a backup of my WordPress posts because once I was suspended – all my stuff disappeared. It was as if my years of writing, blogging, making friends, sending comments, and online existence didn’t exist.

I will research how to combat this and go on the offensive and I will be sure to share my lessons with you. If you’ve been in my shoes, leave a note so I know I am not alone. If you’ve figured out some tips and tricks  – share them here! Who knows how long we have until we are wiped clean (ah, such a cynical statement from Margekatherine, huh?)

Stay tuned!

35 comments on “Not a Good Week: Suspended and Hacked”

  1. I can fully sympathise. It happened to me over the weekend on one blog, and now it’s happened on another. I too had to email several times before the first one was reinstated, and so far 3 emails have resulted in nothing on the second blog. I’m wondering what tomorrow will bring! It’s been suggested that WP has a virus….. I’ve asked them if that’s true. I wonder if they will tell us one way or another. It isn’t fun, it’s very frustrating and time consuming. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Another blo I follow for shut down last week too. And my email acct was hacked this weekend! It’s all frustrating. I agree it makes us realize how vulnerable we are.


  3. Omg MargeKatherine, you have been through a nightmare. I have learned that one can’t trust a machine. I make hard copy of any text I want to save and put images on a disc. Hope you get back on an even keel soon.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


  4. That is awful. I had my an email of mine hacked that i don’t even use any more and don’t even have access too but it was sending out some interesting stuff 😦 Hope you get it sorted soon.


  5. Oh my gosh, that is a really upsetting story!! How does this happen? That scares me so much, but I have put years into my blogging, and blood, sweat and tears! How DO you back up the blog? I would love to know that too!


  6. Hi Marge, I am so sorry to hear about your blog and Yahoo account being hacked. Yahoo used to be good and now I get loads of bogus emails supposedly from banks – Some of them I have never used, let alone had an account with. One bank I notified and they said they would look into it and get back to me – but nothing. Once my Twitter account was hacked five times in a row. I have two Twitter accounts and apparently sent a horrible message to myself. It was such a nightmare as the hacker link was sent in direct messages from one of my accounts to some of my followers and I felt the need to keep apologising and changing my password time and time again. Most of the time I recognise these hacker messages now. When the account of someone I follow is hacked and a direct message comes through to me, I often let them know asap.


  7. MargeKatherine, I am so sorry to hear you’ve been through this particular grist mill a couple of times. My identity was stolen in 2009, and $800+ were charged to my debit card for a vacation in Mexico. The scariest part? I was actually planning a resort visit to that city in just 5 months — the thief new me well enough to make that connection. Thank goodness my bank was on the ball!


  8. Yes, that’s the fear – all our time, energy and efforts just erased. And yet, we are using a FREE platform and this company can do whatever they choose. Read my Feb 17 post and create a backup in case you get suspended, hacked or corrupted. Thanks for your comments!


  9. I think changing our passwords is key too. I heard someone suggest that we use the first letter of each word in a phrase like April showers bring may flowers = asbmf1! (Always add a number and symbol to your password.) This makes it harder for hackers to break.


  10. Like you, when I get an email from a hacked account I always let the person know – the sad thing is the emails usually go out to ANYONE that had ever received an email from me – even if they’re dead and buried. It’s so frustrating. Thanks for your understanding and sharing!


  11. Stuff like this really does put you on guard, doesn’t it? Lucky you that your bank was so aware of the danger. When I plan a vacation, I usually call my bank so they know my card will be used in another city or country. I think it’s good to communicate that info with them.


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