Who needs Santa anyway?

present1Last January I did something really fun … I went Christmas shopping for me! I found some items that I adored and since they were on sale, I found more items I adored and bought them. I brought them home, wrapped them up and put some love notes on them (to me from Santa) and stuck them in my closet.

Once the tree went up this year, the lovely gifts nestled under it, waiting for me to open them. What was so wonderful was – I didn’t have a clue what was inside. (For once memory failure is a good thing!)

Then the waiting really began… I couldn’t open them alone (duh!) so I waited until I could get someone on Skype to join me in the unfolding of these gifts. Finally I connected with my sister and we enjoyed the unwrapping and excitement of what could possibly be inside. It was a hoot because I really didn’t know what was inside and I loved each and every gift! Sweet!!

Merry Christmas to me, to you and to one and all!

Hope you’re smiling!

19 thoughts on “Who needs Santa anyway?

  1. Why thank you and Bah Humbug.. Thanks for the mention on your blog today, and Bah Humbug for the “it’s all about me attitude” when after all “It’s really all about ME” as you can tell from my poem.. LOL Thanks again,


  2. what a neat idea. We could actually do that throughout the year. well up through June maybe otherwise it would be too close to Christmas and we would remember what was in each box. thanks for sharing this fun idea.


  3. Sounds like fun, MargeKatherine!! I should have done that because here in Oman, I didn’t have anything to open. Here I had to work on Christmas day because it’s a Muslim country. So I love your idea!! 🙂 Merry Christmas!


  4. Neat idea! I just went out and bought myself a present! Opened mine all alone but I could have called my sister had she told me she had changed plans and was at home.
    Good for you for treating yourself!


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