Gift # 14: ‘Tis the Season

In this lovely season of gifting, parties, light, love and activity is also the season of eating.caloriecount

My next gift is a free online tool that helps you track your food intake and your exercise output. I’ve found that for me, losing weight is about tracking my food intake. The exercise part is easy for me but ‘tracking that ‘one cookie’ or ‘small nibble’ or second helping of … is what slips by me. will help you as you set your goals, track your food, visit with others in the community, and learn about yourself.  For me, I use it – it works, I am focused and then I forget or get lazy. Each time I return I fall in love all over again with the simplicity of the tool and how it keeps me on target.

If you decide to join and want a buddy, send me an email and so we can connect! – (

Calorie-Count (

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