Listen to this #8: Gifts from the WWW

Yesterday I shared the gift of iTunesU with you.

Today I plan to take you back to iTunes and into the iTunes Store to locate podcasts.

Podcasts are like listening to radio shows except 1) you can select from hundreds of programs, 2) you can listen according to your schedule; 3) you can listen to stories, educational topics, financial advice, comedy, technology, religion and on and on.

To locate the podcasts on iTunes – first download iTunes onto your computer or device.

Once you have iTunes open, select iTunes Store (located on left side of screen). Once the Store is open, look at the banner across the top and select Podcasts.

The categories list will be located on the right of the screen. You can spend hours deciding,listening and learning.  Once you find something that ‘speaks’ to you, click on the image.

To tune in and listen to decide whether to subscribe or not, just click on the number before the title. It will start and you can get an idea of the voices, personalities and topics. If you love the station and want to subscribe, just click the Subscribe Free button on the far left.

podcast info

podcast subscribe

Once you subscribe, it will download to your pc or other devices.


This one is really fun, I hope you like it as much as I do!


Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

5 thoughts on “Listen to this #8: Gifts from the WWW”

    1. Hi Maxi,
      Too many times educators assume you know the steps to take and I’ve found some images work best in describing the steps. Thanks for the compliment – What are your favorite GO TO places on the web?

  1. I’d gotten out of th habit of using iTunes for much. Your recent posts have been great – I really need to get back out there and check it. I used to get a great series on yoga and also on Photoshop Elements but as I said, I just got out of the habit.

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