# 6 – Playtime with Lexulous

Ok, I’ve done my homework, wrote my letters, caught up on my blog, answered my emails and NOW I spend some time on my guilty pleasure – LEXULOUS. I read about this online scrabble type game in the book I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron. She talked about being obsessed with this game and playing ‘just one more game’ followed by ‘just one more’. I limit myself to one because it is addicting. Sometimes I play with the robots, sometimes with strangers. I win and I lose and I am always entertained.

Word games entertain me more than board games or card games. I can learn more and walk away challenged when I can use my knowledge and background to form a word rather than hoping for the right cards to fall in my lap.

Know of any word games that I can play? Maybe we can get on Oovoo and play together?


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