OOVOO Free Video Conferencing: Gift # 5

Maybe you’ve heard of Skype – everyone seems to be using it and it’s pretty cool. It’s a great way to SEE the other person as you talk. It’s a video between you and them.

However, my better-than-Skype tool  is called Oovoo and you can download the application at oovoo.com. Why do I like it better than Skype you ask? Mostly because it’s a way for me and many others in my family to get on and chat at the same time. And, yes, we are all talking at the same time. There can be up to SIX people on the call at once. With Skype it’s only you and one other unless you pay for a package. Oovoo is free.

Let’s say that we wanted to have a bloggers meeting. Just you, me and ten others. We can all download Oovoo from this address and open it on our desktop, laptop, Mac, iPhone, Ipad, Android or Facebook.  Then we can connect.

I often have breakfast with my favorite siblings on Sunday morning. Me… cooking my bacon and eggs with a hot cup of tea and then sitting down – almost as if – we were in the same kitchen. In this day and age of long distance family and friends it’s great to connect.

Let me know if you’d like to connect with me and I’ll gladly set up a time when we would meet –  it would be a blast! In order to use video conferencing, you must have a video camera. This may be an additional item you must purchase but they are really affordable (under $20) and easy to install. Ask me if you need help.

Can you envision this tool for fitness workouts, support groups, book group discussions, family conferences, teacher-student supervision,  late night calls to a plumber, college discussion groups, long distance reunions, and tons more.

If you decide to download oovoo want to test it out, let me know! I’ll be thrilled to visit with you.

Download oovoo.com application: http://www.oovoo.com/Social/Teens/General/index.html

5 thoughts on “OOVOO Free Video Conferencing: Gift # 5

  1. This is certainly the wave of the future. The company I work for is even endorsing video conferencing vs. flying. What is surprising is, we are a travel agency. But sometimes, it makes sense and that is why they offer the business. It would be really cool to have a Bloggy chat session. I haven’t even Skyped before. 🙂 Great news, that it is free.


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