#3 – Trip Advisor

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Trip Advisor is a site I visit when I am getting ready to travel. I can look up hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, attractions, and all the others things that I need and want to know when I visit a new place. Trip Advisor is a collection of human voices. Mine, yours, your sisters, your neighbors – real people who have visited and are eager to share their good experience or their not so good ones.

You can use it to review a place before you go and if you choose, you can recommend one after you’ve been.

It’s like having an army of researchers coming back with real life examples.

I use it and in turn, I leave recommendations for others as well.

If you’ve never used it – check out some local establishments in your area and decide if you agree or disagree with the recommendations.

I’d love to know what you think of it.

Trip Advisor

2 thoughts on “#3 – Trip Advisor

  1. Yes Marge, we use Trip Advisor all the time on our Round the Country travels. We do sometimes wonder about the ratings, but on the whole it have really helped us picking restaurants, hotels and the such. I think it is funny that Terry and I really don’t leave any recommendations. I guess if we agree with what has been said, we can’t say it any better. The times we really want to comment is when we have been very disappointed. We then feel bad that this might have been the one day when everything went to hell for the business and we won’t be there long enough to let them redeem themselves. All in all it has made traveling so much easier. One thing you should comment on in this wonderful month of gifts you are giving us is how less lonely travel is and frankly life is with the internet, not that you need any ideas for your gifts.
    Thanks for all you do!


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