# 2 — HULU (online gifts)

Hulu (photo by Evan Hamilton)

I visit HULU.com on a regular basis. When I miss a favorite TV show, I can usually watch the full episode the next night. Hulu also has documentaries, dramas, movies and other shows.

The fun thing I love about HULU.com is watching documentary stories about people who do good deeds just because it’s the right thing to do. I watched Craigslist Joe about a guy who decides to only use Craiglist for a solid month to survive. Someone gives him a place to stay, a bike to use, food to eat and on and on. It’s intriguing and hopeful – truly!

Other titles:

  • 55 Days: The Fall of Saigon
  • Zinat One Special Day
  • The Read DaVinci Code
  • Becoming Santa

There will be a story that speaks to you. Check this out and enjoy some of the wonderful and free movies for us to view. Yes, there are scheduled advertisement but since they pay for the show I am allowing (as if I have a choice!). Go, see, enjoy and let me know if you find one that intrigues you so I can watch it too!

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