2012 – A year of discomfort

I found this delightful poem that sums up my year of No Comfort Weekly Challenges. It’s a reminder of WHY it’s good to get uncomfortable. In setting this challenge for myself, I looked for things that took me down different roads (figuratively and literally), made me expose a bit more of myself, encouraged me to look… Read More

Newtown, CT is my town

Newtown, CT is my town. I don’t live there. I’ve never been there. I will never go there but… I have children. I have a grandson. I have a son who is a teacher. I have many friends who are teachers. My heart broke for Newtown as it did for the following shootings in 2012: December… Read More

The Gift of Love During a Time of Sadness

Yesterday I tended to a sick 4-year old grandson. He didn’t wake until 11:30 am. He coughed and was listless. He tugged on his ear. I took him to the doctors to find he had an ear infection and a lung infection. He was really hurting. Sometime after he woke and after Shrek and Max and Ruby… Read More

Gift # 14: ‘Tis the Season

In this lovely season of gifting, parties, light, love and activity is also the season of eating. My next gift is a free online tool that helps you track your food intake and your exercise output. I’ve found that for me, losing weight is about tracking my food intake. The exercise part is easy for… Read More

Lucky Gift # 13: Refdesk

If you’re looking for an online reference for an item – begin here at refdesk.com (Reference Desk). This page is CHOCK full of fun sites, links to news, dictionaries, weather, good news, quotes, encyclopedias, pictures and words of the day, daily diversions (think games, humor, book lists, horoscopes, view of the night sky, almanacs…) The… Read More