Gone and back again…

I went away for the month of November. It just happened and no matter how much I wanted to return and write – I forced myself to stay away. Talk about discomfort!

For the last month of the year, the last month of a year of No Comfort Zone challenges, I plan to offer a gift-a-day to you.

Gifts come in many forms. On the web they can be inspiring videos, informative website, upbeat messages, sweet songs, tasty recipes, stunning photos or any number of things.

One solid month.

I hope you enjoy my gifts and please, please, please send me your ‘go-to’ sites as well so I can fall in love with your favorites too.

Author: MargeKatherine

Retired and loving life but also wanting a bit more. More friends, adventures, colors, hikes, shooting stars, campfires ... and ready to share it all with you.

8 thoughts on “Gone and back again…”

  1. I’ll second what Maxi said. Good to have you back, and I hope it was a wonderful November! (And if it wasn’t wonderful, I hope you accomplished what you needed to get done.)


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