2012 Election Debate #3: Finally

usa flagLast week our two presidential candidates, Obama and Romney, had a public pissing contest. Sorry, to be so crude but I raised boys and it was like being in a room with teenage males again.

The sparring was immediate and totally out of context for the ‘community forum’ where the questions were raised.

The rudest thing in my mind was the way new questions (and the people who asked them) were dismissed as the candidates had to have the last word on the previous conversation. It’s the same feeling that you get when you meet someone and they are looking over your shoulder to see who they ‘should’ be visiting with (instead of you).

I despise election years. I hate the advertising, the non-stop nasty and especially the wasted money. The Democratic and Republican parties will have spent over $2 BILLION by election day.

One more round to go where these childish boys get to spar, point fingers, yell, abuse and embarrass each other all while wearing the red, white and blue.

Oh goodie.

5 thoughts on “2012 Election Debate #3: Finally

  1. Anonymous

    Well said….and many I am glad you had the courage to speak out. I feel the same way. It really is not an election process. The electoral college elects the president, not the people. We hope that those we elect to cast our vote cast it the way we voted but if they do not we really have no control over that. Elections are stolen all the time….remember Florida


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