Using LinkedIn Endorsements

This past week I saw a new feature in LinkedIn ( called Endorsement. I was able to click on a person in my circle and ‘endorse’ their skills. It’s a simple click and it pleased me to endorse a wide range of colleagues who excel in their work. Some of these people have been out of my life for a very long time.LinkedIn Endorsement

So, it was a surprise when I received a return email from a ‘recently endorsed by me’ colleague titled “Can you endorse me?”

This is the deal – when I endorse someone, they get a message that says this:

Dear Anne, I’m sending this to ask you for a brief recommendation of my work that I can include in my LinkedIn profile. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks in advance for helping me out. – Marge

UGH! That wasn’t my intention at all. Now all those people I wanted to applaud —are assuming I wanted their endorsement.

I think this is a great tool and an excellent way to say something positive in a professional forum but I don’t need the additional email asking for an endorsement too.

Sometimes it feels good to do something nice … just because.

17 thoughts on “Using LinkedIn Endorsements

  1. I do think it is a great tool just because some people like myself do not know how to ask for endorsements of their work or skills, but it does feel like it is putting people in an awkward position.


  2. Hi Marge,
    I got your endorsement and another from another friend. Neither time did I receive the message above. I don’t do anything on LinkdIn but thought it was a sweet gesture on your part.

    You KNOW I endorse you 🙂



  3. Well Lucid Gypsy, if you want to add me as a connection – go right ahead!
    If you go to the search box and enter marge katherine you’ll be sure to see my name pop up!


  4. Hi Marge,
    LinkedIn’s One Click endorsement feature is a great way to recognize the skills of our colleagues and connections and I like the way it compliments the personal recommendations we write. As for the email that Anne got from you, that usually goes out when you request a recommendation for your work not when you endorse someone for their skills. My suspicion is that it might have happened by accident; a system glitch or perhaps sometime ago, you might have asked Anne for a recommendation and she is now requesting same from you… just a thought. Take care!


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