What can 56% of women do?

It’s election time in the US again and there are two men competing to run the country and vying for the female vote. Where are the female candidates? In 2012 there are currently 20 Female World Leaders serving as Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors serving their countries.  In the US, we don’t even have a… Read More

2012 Election Debate #3: Finally

Last week our two presidential candidates, Obama and Romney, had a public pissing contest. Sorry, to be so crude but I raised boys and it was like being in a room with teenage males again. The sparring was immediate and totally out of context for the ‘community forum’ where the questions were raised. The rudest… Read More

How your body language shapes who you are!

I watched a great Ted Talk today titled, Your body language shapes who you are by Amy Cuddy. This engaging talk focused on how we (yes, you and I) can do some simple things to empower us. People who expand  – arms out, arms up, legs out, arms stretched on head, legs crossed taking up… Read More

No Comfort Zone Challenge: Update

It’s October and I am still finding ways to challenge myself. One challenge I set and continue to focus on is the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. I signed up in January and continue to write down my books and link back to a source. The cool thing about that challenge is I can… Read More