The American Dreams are so yesterday…

It seems I’ve been having the same conversation over and over with different people. They are ready to move. They want out. Change is in the air.

Some friends are on the move – renting out their house and traveling during the next year. Other friends bought an RV and are testing the roads. Another set of friends are getting their house in order and ready for market.

As for me:

One – last month when I went in for my oil change and tire rotation, I was asked … Did I know I was missing a hubcap from my 2003 Toyota Corolla? NO!! I never noticed and now I CAN’T help but notice every time I see the car (Reward!! WANTED ONE HUBCAP PLEASE!)

Two – I finally took the lawnmower in to the repair shop. After mowing the lawn with 3 tires (who knew?!) for most of the summer, I finally went to Ace Hardware with twin screw in hand and less than $1 later, I came out with the itty-bitty item that helped me get level again. Of course, this week the lawnmower smoked liked a chimney and the repair man will have his hands full. The thing is … in my mind the lawnmower is BRAND NEW! In reality, I purchased it over 7 years ago. And during that time, no blade sharpening, no oil change, no winterizing. It’s been a good friend.

Three – Yes, one more goodie to share. This week the gently blowing wind circulating in my kitchen knocked down the lovely framed photo I had above my kitchen cupboards. Along with the picture came a ceramic teapot and a metal teapot. One or all three of these items landed on my glass top stove and left a hole behind like a meteorite. I can look inside and see the guts to my stove.

So anyone of these items can make me want to up and move – but all three? Seriously? Do you think perhaps the Goddess de la Casa is saying – pack your bags, gather your belongings and turn out the lights?

Maybe it’s something in the air. But it seems to be something bigger than me. I sense it all over  – friends traveling, others wanting to move, others needing to make a change. Perhaps we’ve all been sitting tight for the last 4 years and are now ready to break free from a place that needs to be mowed, watered, painted and cared for. And most of all, we don’t want to buy another house and do this all over again. The conversations about homes focus on shared housing. Going back to the concept of one roof, one set of appliances, one large kitchen – many bedrooms. Co-renting? Co-owning? This is a theme I hear time and again and it makes sense to me.

I am so ready to jump ship. Goodbye weeds, so long lawn furniture, bye-bye pruning. The American Dream has lost it’s luster. Know what I mean?

10 thoughts on “The American Dreams are so yesterday…

  1. You have echoed our thoughts right here at home… it’s across the whole nation I do believe… We just spoke of “wouldn’t it be good… if we could combine our resources and move in together with some compatible people”… But, no one wants to actually give up their space… Hard times are a knocking… I do believe!… and “changes” are on the way!


  2. Marilyn, I adore my house but not the upkeep. I want to toss the extraneous items and live simply. I want to combine resources and focus on what really matters – travel, family, friends and say good bye to the tasks that take my time – lawns, repairs, depreciation. Ugh.


  3. Old sayings never die, Marge. Like the one: When it rains it pours. The stove mishap would really put me on edge.

    You have a great idea on the housing situation. There are probably many across the country who would be open to this suggestion.

    Blessings ~ Maxi


  4. I’ve been very happily house sharing with my best friend since I left my husband four years ago! I could live on my own and just about scrape by but by sharing we are both better off and it works wonderfully


  5. I’m not particularly interested in shedding my house – I think I’d feel like a poor exposed shell-less snail – but I am surprising myself by actually wanting to radically decrease how much I keep (I even put up a No Comfort Zone post about my transformation yesterday). I just don’t want more stuff; I want more time and more people instead.


  6. You echo what I am hearing and what I want to do. If I could find one friend who did not smoke or have 4 dogs and 4 cats, I would want to share. I am so tired of stuff and upkeep; no husband is good but might come in handy for mowing grass without actual money (probably take it out of my skin). Anyhow, I just want out! Great post. The winds of change seem dismal from here.


  7. Very interesting and provocative post, Marge.
    Worth thinking about —
    As for us, we’ve scaled down radically and all the happier for it, but we’re old, and that is definitely age-appropriate! The simpler life, that’s for me —


  8. Hi, I wrote a short story titled A Reasonable Man and would love for you to read it. The story explores the unforeseen reality of the American Dream as it depicts the conflict between sacrifice and success. It can be read free HERE (! It is also available free on iPad, Nook and Kindle (tell them, by clicking and reporting a lower price, to make it free!). Best, Oscar


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