No Comfort Zone Update – September 2012

Hello everyone,

It’s been too long since I offered an update on the NO Comfort Zone activities I’ve been up so I will now try to recall and share them with you.

NO Comfort Zone 2012 Challenge iconJune was totally out of my comfort zone as I was asked to be editor of a monthly newsletter. In addition to editing words, writing stories and cropping photos – it was also an online collaboration with the media team. Lots of discomfort, lessons learned, new paths suggested, errors, and a handful of successes.

July I coordinated a Fiddle contest and over 40 musicians signed up to play their fiddle, back up others, sing, dance and have a great day. For me, it was about organizations, tallies, awards, photos and some deep breaths. Fun and challenging!

In August, I was back in the classroom at the community college learning Adobe InDesign. I have the product but do not know how to use it. My instructor used it when it was called Quark so I know I’m in good hands. The assignments keep me on the edge of my seat and totally focused when I’m in the classroom. At home, I take the edited articles that I receive monthly and create my own newsletter. This is the best way to learn!

OH yes, a bit more ‘NO Comfort Zone” experiences in September when I hiked with a handful of people who I never met before. I met them through a local Meet Up group and we hiked into the beautiful and colorful Rocky Mountains. It was one of those amazing days when the cool mountain air added to the flavor of the day.  It was a day filled with aspens and evergreens and blue skies and cold lakes. It was an autumn day that I longed to experience.

And September moves on. Other ways to get out of my comfort zone – job hunting, challenging class assignments, clearing out furniture and more. I promise to be better at sharing the MORE part with you.

It’s a year of growth, fun, memories and lots of discomfort. And it’s all good!

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16 thoughts on “No Comfort Zone Update – September 2012

  1. Yes, you’ve been busy! I’m on a three week break between quarters. My NoCZ-2012 has been about school. I’m glad to read about your continuing journey, and I thank you for stopping by my place from time to time. Continued blessings to you. (Ahhh… to be in the Colorado Rockies for a day of hiking!)


  2. Thanks for the update! I’m switching from Photoshop Elements to Lightroom and CS6. It’s maddening slow figuring out a new workflow but I think this will be better.

    I also started using Rogaine for Women. I’m so glad you wrote about that but it is a bit embarrassing. Not as much as balding though.



  3. I hear of more and more people trying “new” things…”Out of their comfort” range as you say…
    My latest was to take a small 4 hour trip and meet a fellow blogger and her brother who has parkinsons… A perfect stranger…but, didn’t feel at all like that…It was something I would not have done in my earlier years or my husband …who went with me…It was so rewarding…So, go forward with all of your indeavors…ENJOY!


  4. Isn’t the break so wonderful? So many plans – so little accomplished! I will gladly lead a hike into Rocky Mountain National Park if you decide to visit here. Or perhaps, as a reward after you graduate???


  5. I would love to meet up with some of my blogger friends. In lieu of that, I’d like to have an online chat using (it’s FREE like Skype but 6 can talk and see each other at once!)


  6. Woohoo! MargeKatherine, that sounds like a great idea! In fact, R and I were talking just a few nights ago about making a trip out west as a grad gift to myself. If you remember, my brother lives out there too. 😀 I’ll keep you posted on post-grad plans.


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  8. No problem. The spam filters for WordPress are pretty good – I’m surprised this one got through, although it could be someone you approved in the past who looked innocuous at the time.


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