A golden day… in Colorado!

Autumn in Colorado is a splendid time of year.

If you get into the mountains at the right time, you’ll see an array of golds, yellows and reds mixed in with the evergreens. In addition to the gold hues is the brilliant blue sky. These are the types of days when digital cameras come in handy because every angle deserves several clicks. By the time the hike is over – the 100+ photos (many of them the same) bring back the smells, sounds and awesomeness of it all.

Hope you enjoy my photos!

Golden aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Sept 2012Golden aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Sept 2012Golden aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Sept 2012Golden aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Sept 2012

16 thoughts on “A golden day… in Colorado!

  1. LOVE your photos – what radiant colors! Beautiful.

    I actually came over here to your site to talk about the No Comfort Zone Challenge we all began in January of this year. Many of us agreed to share this challenge together, posting once weekly about something we’d done that was out of our usual ‘stuff.’ We felt excitement and began this communion of souls as the days went by and we stretched ourselves.

    I’ve written a little bit about how little we knew of what was yet to come. But I want to tell you personally how much I believe that commitment has impacted my life in 2012. While I haven’t stuck to ‘writing every week about something I’d done or experienced out of my comfort zone’ – what has occurred is an absolute breaking down of the walls I’ve carried for too long. It began just days into January, and has continued to deepen and intensify as time has marched on. Some of what I’m experiencing is too intimate and vulnerable to even language. Yet, it continues to declothe all the illusion of who I am and how my life is ordered.

    So I want to thank you. Your issued challenge has touched so many of us in ways not yet understood, known or seen. But I want you to know that we’re out here still, making our way through the uncertainty of our discomfort, breaking out of our old patterns, releasing the layers that have kept us in bondage to what is *known and safe.

    Much love and gratitude to you, Marge. xoxoxoxo


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  3. Thanks Jackie – it was a good reminder for me to post my NO CZ2012 updates as well!

    This challenge has opened some doors for me that I normally would have avoided. I’ve met so many wonderful people and get to see how their lives changed as well. Your updates and Quillfye’s remind me to keep on posting. It’s fun, engaging and totally a growing experience!


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