Colorado on Fire

I’m leaving town today and for the first time ever, I am happy to be leaving Colorado.

Since I live in Northern Colorado the smoke from the High Park fire is ever present. Smoke is in the air, ash floats down, the sky is all white and the sun struggles to peek through but loses time and again.

The High Park fire has burned almost 45,000 arces and is only 10% contained. Our 8% humidity with no rain in the forecast is working against the effort.

It’s nasty and with drought on the horizon and the forests filled with trees already dead due to the pine beetle bug, all is not well.

Not well at all.

I took these photos on Sunday, June 10, 2012.

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44 thoughts on “Colorado on Fire

  1. MargeKatherine, that’s terrifying! Especially the photos where the smoke cloud seems to be lit from within, and probably is. Be safe, and I hope your home and the people you know come through okay. And everyone else, too.


  2. I am so sad, this is tragic. But I hope and wish you to be in safe… and I hope your home and the people there to be in safe too. My prayers with you. Love, nia


  3. Hello, I’ve come to you via Niasunset too. I am so sorry about the fire and hope that you all stay safe. We visited Denver last October on our way from Prescott, where my sister was living, and on our way to catch the train to San Francisco and we love your country.
    We will be thinking of you and hoping for the best.


  4. Hi,
    That is a huge fire, it must be terrible especially with the weather the way it is as well, I hope everyone is able to stay safe, and they can get it all under control.


  5. artblablablablog

    Prayers to you and yours, terrifying fire still not contained and it is so dry, I’m in AZ. I hope and pray for everyone in the path of the fire.


  6. Madison Woods

    I hated to hit the like button because I do not like this news at all, but I’m thankful for your photos and news.


  7. Terrifying slideshow. I am praying that you and yours are safe even as I am sadden for the loss of others as well as the trees and the wildlife.

    I would do a rain dance if I thought it would help put out those fires!


  8. How awful for everyone affected. I always feel that fire out of control must be really terrifying. Thankfully, I’ve never experienced it. Hoping for rain for you soon.


  9. Dear MK – are you leaving as an evacuee?… Having just been through one of these, my heart goes out to all concerned, involved, living there, firefighters, crews.. landowners, wildlife… all. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Think calm winds, water, rain, natural cycles. … be safe, sending love. ~B


  10. Oh, Marge — the photos are truly terrifying, as people say. Best of luck to you — wishes for strength and courage (both of which clearly you have, as always demonstrated on your blog) — and prayers for rain!


  11. Looking at the photos, I have to keep reminding myself that the huge clouds are smoke, not wet weather approaching. I suppose a real storm cloud is exactly what you need. 😦

    Again, I hope this is controlled soon without much more damage. My prayers are with you and all Coloradoans. Coloradoites.


  12. Oh Margie, when we talked and you told me about the smoke but I had no idea how terrible it truly is. I’ll send prayers to the powers that are in hopes of rain to come your way.


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