7 Things: About Me!

I’ve received two wonderful awards this past month!

The first award from Sandra at quirkybooks.net is the Beautiful Blogger Award. Please take a moment and visit her site and say hello.

And Patti Clark at A Woman’s Guide nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blog Award because my blog inspires her. Thank you so much for these awards. They are received with open arms and a huge smile.

In accepting the awards I am required to display the logo, tell you something about me, and nominate others as well.Beautiful Blogger Award

As a way to get out of my comfort zone this week, I am going to cheat and tell you 7 things TOTAL about me. Not 7 for the first award and 7 for the second. I just changed the rules!

  1. I am child number five in a family of eleven children. I am the most loved and most talented( if my siblings are reading this we shall pretend I am kidding though you all know I am not.)
  2. I attended catholic school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I am NOT a practicing catholic any longer. Everything changed when I asked Father Giles (who had left the priesthood by the time this conversation took place) why did the NO Eating Meat on Friday restriction changed (to “SURE, you can eat meat now… the church was just kidding all those centuries.”)  He explained to me that the ‘rule’ “Do not eat meat on Fridays” was created by the church as a way to boost business for the fishermen. (I kid you not!) All those days of giving up meat, eating tomato soup with egg, and other icky items… Man created those laws then RECREATED them. That was my cue to look deeper into my patriarchal religion and happily skip away.
  3. I love liver and onions with mashed potatoes and gravy. I adore half-moon cookies and headlight donuts from Wegmans.
  4. I am a library whore. I know, ugh, such foul language and yet, when you go into the library you’ll see me hanging around, checking in, checking out, touching this, holding that … and I’m known for miles around. Please don’t hate me.
  5. I despise mowing the lawn yet have issues with paying someone else to do it for me. To reward me when I do the deed, I toss $10 into my basket for something ‘fun’. Any suggestions on how I should spend it? Perhaps I can come for a visit and you can show me around your town?
  6. In the early years of my marriage, when we first moved to Colorado – I was a waitress in a Mexican restaurant. My co-workers were all young mothers like me… eager to get out of the house, away from the kids and into an environment where we could speak in complete sentences. We continue to meet, connect and grow – thirty years later.
  7. My grandson’s middle name is Seven. (Another family story!)
  8. I like to make up new rules (hence, my list of 7 has become 8…)

Now … according to the rules of the award, I am now asked to nominate seven other bloggers and ask them to tell me 7 things about them, list 7 bloggers who inspired them and to link back to me so I can see who they awarded.

Pretty easy, peasy, huh? Yeah, except there are dozens and dozens of bloggers who inspire me! Many have already received these awards and many more. Do you mind if I change the rules yet one more time?

I invite you:

  1. To share 7 things about yourself either in my Comments below or on your own page (and include a link to Inside Out Café).
  2. List other bloggers in my Comments section below who have inspired you and tell me why
  3. Do #1 and #2
  4. Create your own rules and invite me to play along!

If you choose to accept this mission, then please feel free to add the Beautiful Blogger and/or Very Inspiring Blogger Award icon on your page.

23 thoughts on “7 Things: About Me!

  1. Love your sense of humor and attitude about rules… so just for fun I am adding maybe 7 things about me… and you!
    1. I often laugh out loud when I read your blog…
    2. I work in a library and we love library whores! They are the most interested and interesting people… always asking questions and smiling.
    3. I am not reading many blogs right now – yours is one that I am keeping up with… and we are both blogging less and living offline more. Makes you easier to follow.
    4. I love mowing the lawn… the smell is so green.
    5. I love reading and don’t allow myself the down time to do it – when I pick up a book I get lost in it and don’t stop… for anything.
    6. I have little self-discipline…
    7. I have a ton of self discipline…
    8. I left formal religion when the church I was attending said the Black Manifesto was wrong and while Blacks were children of God they needed to stay in their place… I was 16 and it seemed rather unchristian to me and how dare I question the church?
    9. I break a lot of rules too and for now will not be posting any more awards on my blog…
    10. I can hear you laughing… 🙂


  2. “Seven Things About ME?”…
    1. Always wanted to be an artist…just wasn’t sure what that was???
    2. I was given a talent (art) that I’ve used in many ways…mainly to make someone happy and smile…I guess that’s a good thing???
    3. I love kids…their querkiness…their funny, sometimes brutal honesty…
    4. I had a wonderful growing up life …playing in the creek and woods behind our home…catching tadpoles and eating cut out sandwiches made by my Mom from a big cookie cutter she had…
    5. My Dad was an inspiration…with a great sense of humor …and I was either his “Baggy Pants” or “Pesticator”…You would have to be there…
    6. Religion was found by me in my 20’s…after having two children…I guess the Lord knew I would need Him…
    7.I have a wonderful Macon Georgia bred husband that I met at the KY State Fair over 43 years ago…another long story…(Vietnam Era)
    8.We live pretty much from paycheck to paycheck…being retired after working with Special Needs Kids for 30+ years…but, that’s OK…We are together!
    I got to “8”…I guess you can tell I could go on and on…but, I don’t want to bore you…
    What a neat BLOG idea…”You’re all that!”…as my Granddaughter Kennedy… would say!


  3. Loved your answers:
    I have forgotten your rules after reading the comments so I’ll just make up my own.
    1. Read more blogs
    2. Write less
    3. Live more fully in the moment
    4. Have two maiden last names
    5. Youngest of four; always in trouble
    6. Wanted to be a writer
    7. Failed at marriage 2 times
    8. Two men failed at marriage 2 times 🙂
    9. I love the number 9

    Congratulations on your awards…I like reading your blog!


  4. Hi Marilyn, Thanks for joining in and sharing some stuff about yourself. Its funny, living paycheck to paycheck really is an OK thing as long as you are together. What a perfect attitude and outlook.

    “I’m all that!” — How cool that is!!


  5. I’ve already mowed it 5 times so far this year and it’s BEGGING for me to go out there and do it again. That is $50… shall we go to a play and then for a burger?


  6. Hello friend! What a charming post. I like your rule changing ways girl!
    Congrats to you sweet lady who deserves these awards. You have such a natural talent for writing and sharing stories with us.
    And leaving us wanting more.
    I want to more about grandon with Seven as his middle name.

    Seven things about me?

    1. Although I am woman of deep faith I am also what I refer to as a recovering Catholic. A story for another day.

    2. I wss the only girl in an male family. I have two brothers, all male cousins. I am the only daughter, sister, female cousin, granddaughter, niece, etc.. you get the point. I am spoiled rotten because of it. Just ask my brothers. 🙂

    3. I sometimes prefer silenc and solitude to being with others.

    4. I am addicted to paper. It is my crack. I have papers I have salvaged from the recycle bin- confidential business envelopes the best. I also am qyuite willi5. ng to pay a few pretty coins for a sheet of stunning paper. Have, and do. Wish you could see my stash.

    5. I don’t wear make-up, rarely any jewelry beyond my wedding ring and occacionally earrings, wear mostly long skirts, capri’s or jeans. And Iam usually Barefoot.

    6. I have a thing for words. Like my husband does with numbers. He can do sums in his head that are beyond me even on paper. Even a faeorite piece of paper.
    However; words have their own special formula’s that I really like and seem to to meld well with. They represent the answers to all life’s riddles for me.

    7. Although because of privacy I don’t often write about my grandchildren and how they are the lights in my heart. I have mentioned this before and will again; I could not wait to become a grandmother. Raising our children was to be one of the most satisfying things I have done with my life.
    Now watching my grandchildren being raised is the thrill of my life.

    Wow I really had to reach to pull that 7 out so early in the morning. Thanks for the charming way to get to know one another even MORE~


  7. First of all, Congratulations on your two awards!!! Very well earned!
    As your older sister I really enjoy reading what makes you tick.
    I know we talk and skype alot, but reading your blog always piques my interest.
    As for you being the most loved and talented, well……………………….
    You certainly are loved and your talent never ceases to amaze me!
    Now let’s see, 7 things about me, besides the fact that I HATE liver and onions. Hmmm….

    1) I have a younger sister who is the most loved and talented of all my 10 siblings.
    It’s a curse, but she handles it well!

    2) Been taking care of babies since I was 7. I’m a mom, step-mom, gramma and great-grandma, (and just retired as pre-k teacher.) I love kids!

    3) I love books. And as much as I love my Kindle, I have 2 paperbacks I’m reading.
    I love the feel of the book.

    4) I don’t mow the lawn. But I do point out to my husband the places he’s missed. (He then offers me $10.00 to keep my opions to myself.)

    5) I’m very organized and creative. I love photography, writing and reading.

    6) One of my granddaughters is Native American decent. Her middle name Starling. She was named in the Onondaga Indian long house.

    7) I want to leave my Imprint, with an Impact!

    love ya….. sue


  8. Thanks for writing so early in the morning – how wonderful to see what wisdom spills out before the eyes are not fully open!

    What a fun list of things – I am esp. tuned into the paper fetish. I think there is a name for that – it’s called “author”!
    To be the only girl and spoiled rotten – what must that be like? Perhaps in my next life – or – another book for you to write?

    I am so appreciative of your sharing and allowing a bit more of you to surface.

    Love — MargeKatherine


  9. Sue, thanks for sharing something about you and me! Books really are an important part of your world (and mine!) I love getting caught up in the story and what I think is going to happen.

    Perhaps we can have your husband put me on his mowing schedule? An international flight and a lovely Colorado visit is just what he needs! I’ll even throw in the $10.

    Thanks for your sweet words about your younger, talented sister. I often ask my spirit guides this question …”What is it I do better than anyone else…” Once I know that … well then I’m on my way.

    Time for jujuhawhaw… MK


  10. I found you on Spice Up Your Blog. I gave myself permission to have a voice on my own blogs at the beginning of this year. I need more freedom to bend the rules or to change them completely, as you say.

    My husband soon followed me into the blogging world. I told him to a long time ago, when I was posting on Christian Blog.com, but he wasn’t interested. He was the one who created our website on Weebly at htt://www.lightandlifebibleministries.weebly.com and our shared site Real Church Life on WordPress, but I spend more time on my Blogger blogs. (Our Christian writings are often about not following the man-made rules and the institutional-style church.)

    I really want to take the 7 things challenge to my parenting blog at http://abooksandmore.blogspot.com and add a link to yours. I first have to go to the Blind Institute in our town where I volunteer to read for them in a sound room for a couple of hours, once a week.

    I Tweeted and Google+ your guest post at Spice Up Your Blog.

    Okay, I’ve said a lot. Enough is enough already. At least with blogging one gets to string complete thoughts and full sentences together! It’s also an excellent way to meet new people with similar interests.



  11. Hi Tina,
    So wonderful you found me at Spice Up Your Blog!.This blogging world is really like a cafe. All sorts of people stop in for one reason or another and when they leave, I am richer for the experience. I look forward to reading your list of 7 or more items. Thanks for sharing your link with me. Your daughter is precious and I enjoyed reading about her!


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  13. I’ve been working on this 7 things post since yesterday. hopefully I’ll have it up on my blog before the end of the day and of course I’ll link back to you. I’ve been having to share the computer with my blogging husband. He churned out two posts today and he’s a perfectionist, so he read and re-read and re-read and I checked it with him and checked it again. Wow! What a day! His topics of late are about leadership abuse in the Church. It’s very good stuff to read.


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