It’s June – time to celebrate summer!

It’s June — no longer do we talk about fires blazing, snow falling, dark days and long nights. No, now are day are light, warm, long and inviting.

In Colorado that means:

Lupine in full bloom
Lupines stand tall in June!
  • schools are closed and the pools are open
  • days are hot but the nights are ohhh so cool
  • sun comes up early and hangs around for a very long time
  • seedlings turn into fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • fishing rod is put into action
  • hiking boots are strapped on and poles are in movement
  • camera is opened and ready for any ‘amazing’ sight
  • local concerts are appreciated
  • festivals are planned
  • flowers are on display
  • birthdays are celebrated (my mom had 4 babies in the month of June~)
  • water shortage due to low snowpack
  • and so much more!

What is June like for you?

For my friends ‘Down Under’ what do you do in June?

For my Irish sister – how does June unfold for you?

For those near and far – what words and photos conger up June in your mind?

Hope to hear from you!

28 thoughts on “It’s June – time to celebrate summer!

  1. Love your Lupines!! They remind me (not coincidentally) of our home in New England. My friend and I had beautiful gardens with Lupines included. What I’ll be doing in June? Heading back to Maine to connect with her magic and old friends. Xo


  2. When I worked in the public school system…it was of course Summer Break…no clock to set…free time…warmer weather…eating summer foods…shorts/T-shirts all of the time…and don’t forget the flipflops…my yard…and everything in bloom…You probably shouldn’t have asked…ha, ha…~mkg


  3. Ianus Christius

    Hello again!
    Please stop by, I have some interesting tests for you to solve. Maybe you’ll like it.


  4. June means hot and humid; the beginning of summer and staying locked away inside to keep from suffocating from the heat. Oh to be in a cool, less humid place.

    Lovely lupines. I have never seen any.


  5. It means hot and humid … humidity has already started! However … today, I saw the lupines have started to erect their purple, pink and white ‘bodies’ and I love it!


  6. Hi,
    The 1st of June was the start of our Winter here in Oz, and it is nice to have some cool weather for a change. The part of Oz I live in is classed as the tropics, so we don’t have the cooler weather for very long, so I do enjoy it while it is here. 😀


  7. June…more than anything else, it means lovely long days, the longest of the year, and pleasant weather – not cold any more, but too early for the overwhelming hot humid days that mean July and August. The spring flowers are pretty much over, but petunias and marigolds and snapdragons and lobelias haven’t been heat-blasted into giving up on bloom. An in-between sort of summer produce time – strawberries and asparagus are pretty much over, but it’s too soon for local corn and tomatoes and blueberries and peaches. Kids set free from school.

    So what is June? A month for all of us to catch our breaths and relax. 😀


  8. Oh yes – 80’s and low humidity is wonderful! But around here, when the temperature gets into the 80’s we can generally expect 90% humidity and up. Not fun. On the other hand, that’s what keeps our corner of the world green!


  9. i wish i was 27 but that would mean my son would be 4 but i am sure he just turned 25 (wow, really) my birthday is on the 27th and i love it has it’s half way between Christmas and erm Christmas 🙂


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