It happened yet again. Hacked and Spammed.

I found out that my email account (the one I ONLY use for professional related issues) was hacked. Then emails were sent out with ‘no subject’ but included a spam link. The link will either take you to a bogus website where there is a virus lurking or will automatically infect your pc. This time… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

This one speaks for itself: Close Related articles Weekly photo challenge…my first time! ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ( Weekly Photo Challenge: CLOSE ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ( weekly photo challenge: close ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Close (

Colorado on Fire

I’m leaving town today and for the first time ever, I am happy to be leaving Colorado. Since I live in Northern Colorado the smoke from the High Park fire is ever present. Smoke is in the air, ash floats down, the sky is all white and the sun struggles to peek through but loses… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today’s Gas Prices

The cost of gas today in Greeley, Colorado (June 7, 2012). This price per gallon has come down over the past few months and I expect it to come down a bit more since this is an election year. We shall see… Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge : Today Weekly Photo Challenge: Today (… Read More

7 Things: About Me!

I’ve received two wonderful awards this past month! The first award from Sandra at is the Beautiful Blogger Award. Please take a moment and visit her site and say hello. And Patti Clark at A Woman’s Guide nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blog Award because my blog inspires her. Thank you so much… Read More

It’s June – time to celebrate summer!

It’s June — no longer do we talk about fires blazing, snow falling, dark days and long nights. No, now are day are light, warm, long and inviting. In Colorado that means: schools are closed and the pools are open days are hot but the nights are ohhh so cool sun comes up early and… Read More